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21 Days

Email-based courses that enables you to learn transformational skills from the world’s best.

AI Led Personalization

Our quizzes/interactive experience is powered by AI and is aligned to your personality/experience - ensuring learning is relatable and engaging.

Delivered Over Email

No app to install. No (bloody boring) videos to watch.
We fit in your schedule and life!

Interactive Experience

Quizzes, polls, assignments - we ensure you are super engaged and have fun along!
Most importantly, our reinforcement learning process helps you retain what you learned.

Each course is 21 days long (one email a day), delivered over email and has a mix of content, assignments, quizzes.

Each course is priced at $21 (simply put, $1/day).
The course content is curated from world’s best advice on the topic - across books, podcasts, videos - expect a range.
Each email lesson is around 1000 words and is carefully crafted - expect conversational tone, quotes amd

Courses are open for regisrations.

Emails will start dripping from December 22


We are launching with 4 courses Designed to enable you to win your 2024. Each course is 21 days long and offers content, quizzes, assignments - all within your email.
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Build growth mindset course.png
build better relationship.png
grow personal brand.png
Reset Your Routing: Build Better Habits
Build A Growth Mindset
Build Better Relationships
Build And Grow Your Personal Brand

When does the courses starts? Within 24 hours of payment.
Is there a cohort? Right now? No. Eventually : yes (and you will be added to it).
Is it refundable? No.
For how long do I have access to the course? Infinite! It’s all there in your inbox :) We also will give you access to the LMS

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