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Do you have a piece of work coming due but have no idea how to approach it?

Let the Coda AI suggest a process for accomplishing the task - on deadline - and save your poor 🧠 some cycles.

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Launching a new product called Zoom Shoe, a shoe which helps you jump 5x higher than normal. We will need to help give this product launch as much visibility as possible
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AI Generated Sub-Tasks
Launch a Template store for Coda ( that allows people to buy and sell templates
Jun 2, 2023
Set up Coda account - 1 hour
Research template store best practices - 2 hours
Design store layout - 3 hours
Develop payment system - 5 hours
Add template upload functionality - 4 hours
Test store and fix any bugs - 3 hours
Launch store and promote - 1 hour
Create a dinner for my wife
Jun 9, 2023
Brainstorm dinner ideas - 1 hour
Choose a menu - 2 hours
Make a grocery list - 1 hour
Go grocery shopping - 3 hours
Prep ingredients - 2 hours
Cook dinner - 2 hours
Launch a newsletter on Coda tips and tricks
May 31, 2023
2 hours: Research popular Coda tips and tricks
3 hours: Plan newsletter content and layout
1 hour: Write introduction and welcome message
2 hours: Write main articles and tips
1 hour: Design and format newsletter
1 hour: Review and revise newsletter
1 hour: Send newsletter to subscribers
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