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Organizational Groups
Has a flat group structure unlike a hierarchical organizational structure.
At some point, organizations prefer more of a multi level structure for organization groups wherein they can segregate test devices from the prod devices. This is mostly to ensure that:
Test devices can be configured to a WiFI that’s separate from the main corporate WiFi backbone.
Devices can be moved between traveling, shared and dedicated headsets, however, still fall under a single business vertical.
Does the QFB team plan to have a more hierarchal group structure to create better segregation?
Bulk Enrollment
The enrollment process regardless of the shared device mode versus account linked mode is largely manual and still takes a decent amount of time.
There is no batch config that can be side loaded or deployed using QFB / a local desktop tool to bulk configure devices. This would be really beneficial for quick provisioning.
Does the QFB team plan to have a a bulk enrollment functionality that’s purely headless and doesn’t require a user to be in-headset?
Typically, customers do prefer for the out-of-the-box experience to be circumvented completely and for the user to only see the shared device mode / launcher screen, even when the headset is being setup for the first time. This is done to facilitate bulk provisioning.
Does Meta plan to completely skip Out of the box experience?
Individual Enrollment
Individual enrollment for shared device mode is much simpler. However, the initial Meta for Work enrollment requires an 8 digit code and for someone to go to the website. While this method is doable, it is still tricky since it requires taking off the headset, learning the code and entering it on the website.
A QR code based approach here would be more beneficial since it avoids taking off a headset and requires one to point it towards the QR code. This is something that now Pico & HTC also showcase.
Does Meta plan to rollout a QR code based approach to further simplify individual enrollment?
MDM Integrations
Native QFB Manager
The native QFB manager should act as a great replacement for customers who tend to have issues onboarding the devices on their WSO instance.
Does Meta plan to keep the functionality as-is today, or does it plan to expand it further?
Customers typically use a WSO QR code which is largely a headless mechanism to enroll headsets which is much easier than configuring specific values on the config console which can be hard to configure.
The WSO enrollment is less headless and still requires some manual intervention. Usually, we aim for a completely headless enrollment which doesn’t require putting on a headset at all.
Does Meta plan to closely work with VMWare to make enrollment headless?
Azure Intune
The Azure intune process is fairly straightforward, however still manual and not headless. This is merely a function of Azure sets up enrollment today and not QFB, so this is not feedback for QFB, but something to keep in mind.
Does Meta plan to closely work with MSFT to make this more headless?
Pushing Apps, FW & Files
App Installation
One has to upload an application to a GCS bucket with a URL that can be directly leveraged by QFB. This is still largely confusing since a lot of apps are APKs that need explicit infrastructure to be shared with a customer.
Most other MDMs provide a direct capability to upload APKs and share applications.
Does Meta plan to provide the option to upload an app directly to QFB?
Enrollment Success File
Not sure if there is a way to deploy files, similar to apps but this can be a use case sometimes.
Firmware Updates
Specific enterprises may ask for online firmware update packages. These are important since they typically go through an application testing process that’s done for security reviews.
Such updates may also be pushed at specific time windows on specific days. Within QFB manager, this functionality seems to be largely missing.
It’s important to support:
Offline Update Packages
Supporting integration with 3P MDMs for these support packages
Does Meta plan to provide offline packages for firmware updates on QFB for pure MDM deployment.
Security, Network & Device Restrictions
Security Profiles
There scope for the following features to be built into the QFB Security settings:
Dis-allow factory reset: I believe this anyway isn’t surfaced within headset settings and is rater surfaced in the Quest mobile app
Enabling / Disabling Bluetooth: Not sure if this directly affects the controller functioning but this is a common ask from enterprise customers.
Enabling / Disabling Hand Tracking: Some organizations may consider hand tracking to be a sensitive component and thus may ask for hand tracking to be disabled.
Installation of Unknown Applications: Certain organizations may disallow installation of unknown applications.
Setting Passcode on QFB: I believe the HMD asks to set the passcode on the headset during setup but if this can be unanimously applied across the headset, that would make the process more seamless.
Does Meta plan to provide enhanced security restrictions such as the one mentioned here?
Specific customers will ask for only 1 app to be kiosked within shared device mode. While shared device mode simplifies the need for
Does Meta plan to provide deeper kiosking of apps? if yes, will this have a cost associated with it?
Restricting WiFi Change
Most organizations typically do not want a user to change the WiFi on the headset and thus enforce this change using the MDM. I believe there is compatibility for this feature in VMWare WSO with Quest but not Intune
QFB seems to be missing this functionality right now.
Shared Device Mode
Passcode requirement for Shared device mode can be strict since there are organizations who wouldn’t like a passcode to be on, to make it easier for learners to view content.
Does Meta plan to provide a central functionality to configure devices?
Some customers also have an Open WPA 2 network with no security type, and thus may not have a specific password to configure. In such cases, letting QFB configure a profile w/o password information is beneficial.

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