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Remote Meetings Starter Kit

Tools to help you run more productive, meaningful, and engaging meetings!

Everything you need to make remote meetings effective, efficient, and fun!

In a world where hybrid and remote teams is quickly becoming the standard, we need to adjust to make sure we’re able to engage with our teams in an effective way. It takes thoughtfulness to make sure your team is able to connect, build trust, and do great work along the way!
Get started with a few templates that we use to run our 1:1s, team meetings, and social hangs. Time to say goodbye to those awkward zoom meetings.

Running Effective 1:1s

Make sure your 1:1’s meetings captures meaningful coaching and feedback with this template. Use it to set a partnership agreement, keep notes, review goals, track development, and kudos. The best part is you can customize for what works for you.

Team Meetings

Tired of being in unproductive and boring meetings? Say no more. Use this template to run better and more engaging team meetings. Considering how much time we all spend in meetings, you can’t afford to overlook this one!
We love fair and equitable teams, and you can start simple with this note taker rotation. Bring invisible labor to light and spread the responsibility across the team instead of the task falling on a few folks.

Discussion Starters

Want a fun way to do intros for smaller group meetings? Use this popcorn intro to randomize the order and track who has gone, plus a fun ice breaker along the way.
Get the conversation going with these conversation starters. Especially helpful when engaging in a topic with a group, these sentence starters will help with organizing thoughts and get the discussion going in a thoughtful way.

Remote Team Hangs

Need a fun game for your remote and hybrid team? Welcome to MTV cribs - home office edition! Instead of giving a tour of the house, have people guess and tour the home desk setup. A game where your team guesses which desk belongs to whom, and an easy way to learn some fun things about each other.
Planning fun social hangouts and birthday celebrations shouldn’t always fall on the shoulder of one person. Use this template to create a rotational social crew on your team, and tap into everyone’s creativity and ownership for building a fun and inclusive culture!

Check out our ✨ for more meeting templates and ideas.

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