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Coda for Recruiting Teams

Run your Recruiting Workflows with Coda!
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Templates. Streamline your Recruiting with Coda.

With Coda, you can build, customize, and streamline your workflows with templates. Here are a few recruiting templates to get started. Click the button to see a doc template or a demo.
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Hiring Sync Template
See doc
Eng Interview & Load Balancing
See doc
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Headcount Approval Process
See doc
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Role Kick Off Template
See doc
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Sourcing Jam
See doc
Recruiting Team Wiki
See doc
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Interviewer Incident Tracker
See doc
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Candidate Tracker
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Recruiting Hub
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Use Cases for Various Workflows.

Have a Recruiting workflow you want to systematize? Coda can be used as a centralized solution for the following use cases! Click on the ‘Learn More’ button to notify our recruiting team, and we’ll reach out with more information.

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Headcount Approval Planning
Guide for approving and planning for Headcount
Role Kick off
Guide to open new roles with your HM
Sourcing Jam
Run a sourcing Jam with your HM or team
Interview Guide
Interview Guide for Candidates
Function Hubs
Recruiting Wiki
Knowledge hub for Codans to learn about our team & processes
Recruiting Hub
Team Hub for your Recruiting team
Coordination Hub
Team hub for Recruiting Coordinators
Sourcing Hub
Team hub for Sourcers
Recruiter Hub
Team hub for Recruiters
Hiring Sync Doc
Run your hiring syncs with a role/candidate dashboard
Recruiting Dashboard
Recruiting Team Hub
Hiring Manager Dashboard
Track open roles, candidate pipeline, and progress for HM
Interviewer Ramp & Load Balance
Manage interview load balance & training
HC Planning
Headcount Planning & Allocation
Sourcing Tracker
Track who in your network knows your candidate
Candidate Tracker
Pipeline & coordination scheduling
Offer Tracker
Track and approve offers to candidates
Agency <> Client Tracker
Manage agency candidates
Company Layoffs List
List of employee’s affected by layoffs, role & contact info
ATS Tracker in Coda
Manage candidates through this free, nimble, and flexible ATS.

Connect your Tools.

Connect your Recruiting tools with Coda and create centralize workflows for your team! Use the Greenhouse pack to pull in pipeline and candidate data. Track your team’s scheduled interviews with the calendar pack. Slack your interviewers with a click of a button. There is a world of possibilities with Coda .
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Stamps of approval.

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A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃 on Coda.

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