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Create and share runbooks right from your terminal

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Savvy Prompts: Savvy’s CLI automatically captures your shell prompt along with the command being executed. ​It is vital to share the context within which a command or Runbook is executed and shell prompts are highest density source of such context.

Savvy’s CLI eliminates the need to capture this context manually.

Savvy Prompts

savvy record

savvy record starts a sub shell that is identical to your usual shell with one extra addition: all your commands are recorded and used to automatically generate a runbook when you exit the shell.
savvy automatically expands all your aliases so anyone can copy paste the commands.

savvy record —ignore-errors

Users shared that runbooks for disaster recovery and business continuity often have upwards of 50 steps. Errors and typo’s are inevitable when creating such a long runbook. Manually finding those typos and deleting them can itself become a source of error.
Passing —ignore-errors to savvy record ensures any command that returns a non-zero exit code is automatically ignored.

savvy record history

Usually, we realize we should document/share something after doing it.
savvy record history allows you to create runbooks using your recent shell history.


Share Runbooks

Savvy runbooks are private by default.
Each runbook can be shared with your teammates using an unlisted link ( requires a savvy account to view) or make the runbook public to allow anyone with the link to view the runbook.
Only the owner of a runbook can edit the runbook or change its visibility level.

Export to Markdown

Savvy supports exporting runbooks as markdown.
# How To Validate Kubernetes Root Certificate
_Shantanu wanted to share this runbook with you. View the original on [Savvy](
1. Lists all pods in the current namespace.
kubectl get po
2. Extracts the Kubernetes root certificate and saves it to a file named ca.crt.
kubectl get cm kube-root-ca.crt -o json | jq -r '.data["ca.crt"]' > ca.crt
3. Checks the validity of the extracted certificate.
openssl x509 -text -in ./ca.crt -noout | grep --color=auto --exclude-dir={.bzr,CVS,.git,.hg,.svn,.idea,.tox} --color=auto -C 2 "Valid"

Coming Soon!

savvy run: savvy run will list runbooks you have access to and allow you to select a runbook that you can run directly from your terminal. Each run is tracked and developers can see analytics of all previous runs so you can use data to trust a runbook.
local redaction: redact secrets, customer names before any data leaves your local machine
parameterize runbooks: Runbooks often need developers to pass in context dependent data. Savvy will support editing runbooks so they can be parameterized easily and developers can supply values at runtime.
browser extension: Our browser extension will work similar to the CLI and create screenshots for each step automatically.
Savvy will be the first product that can create a runbook that links your browser and terminal in one flow.
slack bot: There’s a lot of tribal knowledge in slack that just stays there. Savvy’s slack bot will help you convert that tribal knowledge into formal, indexed knowledge. Our slack bot can automatically convert any slack thread into a runbook that you can edit and publish.

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