Candidate Resources

• Want to learn more about Madrona's investment focus? Read our themes memo
• Interested in learning more about Madrona founders? Check out our new podcast series "Founded and Funded: Stories of Startup life in Seattle" (on Spotify and Apple).
•?Here's how you can help yourself and get access to ~1,800 jobs instantly -->
•?Interested in knowing about start-up jobs in all of Seattle? Go here:
•?Curious about the top 200 startups in Seattle? Go here:
•?If you are an executive in Seattle and would like to have a career chat about how to approach your next career transition, go here:
•?Need a career transition resource for early to mid-career stage? Here's high quality, FREE content, videos, tips and tricks:
Flip the Interview to Land Your Dream Job: "Ask Me This Instead" published by Holloway.
•?Tool for planning and tracking your career and job hunt: tactics:
•?Want to have a career chat with valued folks in your life? Read this first:
•?Thinking of asking someone to coffee to “explore career opportunities", "pick their brain" or “get their perspective on the market”? Read this first:
Great article with a list of job skills retraining resources by someone I know:
A new program for exploring careers – the founder is a friend of a friend:

AWIT career workshops -put all the info here or link or whatever

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