A Guide to Know About Canada Startup Visa

India is experiencing a surge in the number of startups and small businesses. Having a startup is no longer frowned upon. It is currently one of the most notable careers. New products and services are welcome in Indian markets. However, startups are no longer restricted to India. They are experimenting with international markets and expanding their operations beyond national borders.

What Exactly is a ?

Let us first define the start-up visa before proceeding with the article. Unlike a business visa, which only allows you to stay in the country for six months, this visa allows entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the world to migrate to Canada with permanent residency and run their businesses there.


Now that we know what a startup visa is, let's go over the four requirements for this visa.
1. Commercial Qualification
You must have 10% voting rights for all of the company's shares, and 50% voting rights for the entire company.
2. A Letter of Recommendation
You must have a letter from one of Canada's angel investors or business incubators stating that you will receive capital funding. You can obtain this letter by pitching your business idea to a venture capital firm. They will send you a letter of proof of funds if you are approved.
3. Language Prerequisite
You must demonstrate proficiency in either English or French. Take any language exam recognized by Canadian authorities, such as IELTS, TEF, and so on.
4. Funds Verification
You must demonstrate your ability to financially support your family members. If you have three family members, for example, you will need CAD $19,836.

How Settlewise International Can Assist You

Settlewise International handles everything for you, including appointments with the embassy. You will also receive real-time updates, allowing you to track the status of your visa application. Get these with the assistance of Settlewise International and finally realise your startup dream without barriers or borders.

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