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Operation Licenses

Polyclinic Requirements

Article 25. Requirements for issuance of operation licenses to polyclinics

1. Scale of polyclinic:

a) Any polyclinic shall have at least the following:
02 of the 04 specialized departments of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and pediatrics;
Emergency rooms, minor surgery rooms (if any minor surgery is carried out), patient stay rooms;
Units of testing and image diagnosis.
b) Any polyclinic satisfying the requirements for healthcare facilities specified in Articles 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 of this Decree may apply for enlargement of the corresponding scale and practice scope.

2. Facilities:

a) Having location fixed and separate from areas for daily-life activities, having sufficient light, dustproof ceiling and wall and floor made of materials which can be cleansed easily.
b) Having a place for patient reception, emergency and patient stay rooms, specialized consulting rooms and minor surgery rooms (if any minor surgery is carried out), consulting rooms in a polyclinic must satisfy the following requirements:
The emergency room has an area of at least 12 m2;
The patient stay room has an area of at least 15 m2 with at least 2 patient beds. If the patient stay room has 3 or more patient beds, the area for each bed is at least 5 m2;
Specialized consulting rooms and the minor surgery room have the area of at least 10 m2.
c) Satisfying the conditions of radiation safety, hospital waste management and fire and explosion prevention according to law.
d) Ensuring the sufficiency of electricity and water supply and other conditions for patient care.

3. Medical equipment:

a) Having sufficient medical equipment and instruments suitable to the practice scope that the polyclinic registered;
b) Having anti-shock first aid kits and sufficient specialized emergency drugs.

4. Personnel:

a) The number of full-time doctors must account for at least 50% of the total number of doctors of the polyclinic who provide healthcare.
b) Any chief physician of a polyclinic shall satisfy the following conditions:
Being a doctor with a practice certificate suitable for at least one of the specialities registered by the polyclinic;
Having worked as a healthcare practitioner for at least 54 months (4.5 years). The assignment and appointment of the chief physician of the polyclinic shall be performed in writing;
Working on a full-time basis at the polyclinic.
c) The number of staff members, the structures and the professional titles in the polyclinic shall comply with regulations prescribed by the Minister of Health.
If wishing to provide healthcare, persons other than the chief physicians of a polyclinic working in the polyclinic must have a practice certificate and the assignment shall be suitable for the practice scope specified in such practice certificate.

5. Conduct check-ups

Any polyclinic wishing to conduct check-ups shall satisfy the requirements specified in clause 6 Article 23 of this Decree.

6. Family medicine facilities

shall comply with the pilot program prescribed by the Minister of Health.

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