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Cell Therapy

NK Cell Application Regulation

In our country, the Ministry of Health has only allowed stem cell transplantation for blood cancer, mesenchymal stem cell transplantation for arthritis (joint treatment), pilot stem cell transplantation for cardiovascular treatment...
In Vietnam, stem cell transplantation has been piloted in stroke treatment, widely applied in arthritis (joint treatment), blood cancer and this is the first research on lung disease treatment.
Research on stem cell application in Vietnam - Orientation and development
Currently, the Ministry of Health has issued Circular No. 07/2015/TT-BYT dated 03/4/2015 detailing conditions and procedures to allow the application of new techniques and new methods in medical examination and treatment
Regarding documents and policies: There are no documents or guidelines in this area. The Blood and Stem Cell Law is in the process of being formulated.
The documents under the law, both on research and treatment applications, have not yet been developed. In addition, there is also a lack of technical professional guidelines and practical standards for the unit to implement.

Autologous immune system strengthening therapy was successfully applied for the first time in Japan, currently applied by more than 10 countries, present in many major hospitals in Vietnam. Accordingly, doctors will separate and filter T cells, NK cells from patients, culture proliferation in the laboratory and then infuse the patient's body, contributing to strengthening the immune system.

10/2021 - JVM Official Website:
In September 2021, NK immune cell therapy was officially allowed by the Ministry of Health to be included in the list of techniques in medical examination and treatment
With NK immune cell therapy, immune cells are taken from the patient's blood, taken out for culture in laboratories, activated and proliferated until growth in both number and activity of cells is reached, Then infused back into the body to increase immunity, helping to fight off harmful external agents such as viruses, bacteria or mutated cells such as cancer.
Inside the NK immune cell culture and storage lab in Hanoi
The source of cells, the compatibility of the receiving body directly affects the activity and effectiveness of products from NK cells, but the prerequisites affecting cell quality also depend largely on purification techniques, processing technology, culture and the process of activating cell proliferation.
JVM's laboratory in Hanoi uses exclusive technology from Japan to confidently meet all these rigorous standards to ensure the creation of safe, high-quality NK immune cells.

5th International Scientific Conference on Cell and Gene Therapy: "Cell Therapy: A New Era of Medicine" held in Hanoi.
Researchers attach a part (like a magnet) to this immune brain to which cancer cells will find, attach and kill cancer cells.
Currently, Vietnam has its own laboratory that can produce immune cells after signing a cooperation with the company in Germany to transfer technology. In December 2022, the project was launched. It is expected that the end of March and the beginning of April 2023 will treat blood cancer patients with immune cells.
Vinmec has had projects to receive technology transfer, investment in machinery and equipment. It is expected that next 12 months, Vinmec will start implementing the project. After that, spend about 2 months on human resource training, expected by the end of March and early April 2023, the first treatment of blood cancer will be applied.
Share more information, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem said that there are currently 4 types of diseases that have been licensed for stem cell treatment: knee osteoarthritis, cirrhosis, biliary atresia and spinal cord injury. Currently, treatment of knee joints and cirrhosis is widely applied, spinal cord injuries are indicated on a case-by-case basis.
Separately about cerebral palsy is in the process of study. Phase 1 has now been completed with 30 patients. The Ministry of Health has a proposal to expand it to the next 50 patients.

The seminar session "Personalized therapy in cancer treatment" took place in the afternoon of 19/12 in Hanoi, within the framework of VinFuture Awards.
Here, world scientists shared many advanced solutions in cancer treatment. In it, Prof. Je-Jung Lee, CEO of Vaxcell Bio, Korea, talked about the natural killer (NK) cell solution researched by the team since 2010. According to this therapy, patients are infused with NK and HAIC cells to activate and detect cancer cells to kill. Clinical trials show a positive response rate of up to 66.7% and an adaptation rate of up to 100%.
Professor Bruce Levine, University of Pennsylvania, USA, introduces a method that uses specific immune cells to kill cancer cells. Explaining the mechanism, Professor Bruce said, advanced tools for designing T cells help recognize desired cells. CAR T cells will puncture the cancer cell hole and the cancer cell explodes. CAR T is likened to a drug that lives, traces and kills cancer cells. CAR T is taken from the patient's own body, isolated the desired cell, inactivated virus that does not harm the body, then cultured outside the body for 9-10 days, then put into harvest and storage.

The signing ceremony of stem cell application research cooperation between Thong Nhat Hospital, Cryoviva Tissue Bank Vietnam and FBiomed Medical Services Trading Co., Ltd.
On February 27, 2023, at Thong Nhat Hospital (HCMC). HCMC) held the signing ceremony of a memorandum of cooperation between the hospital, Cryoviva Tissue Bank Vietnam and Fbiomed Medical Services Trading Co., Ltd., with the purpose of proposing to implement the research topic: "Clinical trial of application of umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells in musculoskeletal treatment". The cooperation is based on the professional strengths and medical experience of the participating units.

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