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Learn how to get started using Awesome People!

Recruiter? Start Here 👇

Export Lists of Candidates

Hey Recruiters! Start by logging in. Select my list, then click new list. Name it and then click create list and you are set.
2. Use the search bar to look up a specific title or keyword.

3. Once you find a candidate you’re interested in, click view to see their profile as well as add them to an existing list.
4. You can export your Lists by going to my lists, select the desired list and then click export CSV and you are all set.

Candidate? Start Here 👇

Add yourself to the database

Hey Awesome people! You can add yourself to the database by clicking People at the top, then add a person. Fill out the form and select create a profile.

Claim Your Existing Profile

If you are already in the database, claim your profile! Simply search for your email in the search bar, click on view and select “Claim Profile” to claim your profile.
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