Bring a product to market

Use your marketing, sales, and research skills to bring products and services from beta to market.
Go to market checklist:
Determine the space that you’d like to solve. This usually comes from a market insight that you’d like to uniquely build for.
Within that space, find a group of people who are trying to do something, but currently can’t. Either a solution doesn’t exist at all or there’s a large barrier in the way.
Make a list of people to interview in that target market.
Reach out to them ー make sure there’s a give and an ask.
Create a discussion guide.
Hold the call.
Synthesize the call notes and pull themes.
Bring insights to relevant groups. Rinse and repeat internally.
Keep the interested interviewees informed on progress.

Finding the space

Where is their a current problem
What industry do you currently have knowledge, skills, and abilities in.


Who are your target customers / users?
What to they care about?
What are they trying to do?
What would make them successful?

Contact List

Put together a group of people who you can talk with, better understand, share your concepts, and get feedback from.
Outreach statuses
Social Link
Outreach status
Tody Psundo
Jessica Park
Reached out
Toni Mendez
In Contact
Ken Burns
Booked Session
Jason Philborne
Keep informed
There are no rows in this table

Outreach messaging

Hey [name],
[Something personal about them or a connection]. I’m reaching out to [purpose]. [1 line about what the product / service solves].
Let me know if you’re interested and I can send over some available times.
All the best,
[your name]

Discussion Guide

Open-ended questions are the best and tend to fall in personal, activities, and feedback.
Tell me about what you do
What do you care about?

Share a typical day
When you are trying to do [x], take me through the steps.
What gets in your way? How do you current solve for that?

Feedback on a concept, mockups, or prototype
It’s important participants vocalize what they are seeing and feeling.
If you wanted to do [x], how would you do it here?
How would you imagine fitting into your day?
How would you explain this to a friend / colleague?

Hold the calls

Create a new page for each participant that you interview. Take notes there.
Record in Zoom. Upload to YouTube.
Call out any direct quotes

Synthesize themes into a findings write-up

Create a new page.
What did you hear often?
Common pain points, user flows?
Point back to specific quotes and clips.
Visually communicate through drawings, charts, and graphs.

Bring insights, collect feedback

Share in meetings or async by dropping the writeup link in Slack or email.
Add an idea collector such as the “feelings and thoughts” to gather feedback live or when people are able to get around to it.

Add your thought
This is really interesting
John Scrugham
Not sure this will work.
Vincent Cusma
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