MO-PCCO (Single Keyword Adgroup)

Hypothesis: Can creating ‘single keyword’ adgroups for high volume keywords help us increase leads - by setting appropriate tCPA bids for each adgroup/
Target keyword: Coding Bootcamp ​Data Range: Runs 22-07 to 23-01
Coding bootcamp phrase match has the highest spend share, is the highest lead generator but has had a very high CAC ​
Coding bootcamp exact match has comparatively spent much lesser, but CAC is much better compared to its phrase counterpart ​

Campaign setup: Bid for both match types in separate adgroups (with only 1 keyword each); Set separate tCPAs basis historical cost/conv. and try to scale the individual adgroups.

Observations: ​
Although we saw some improvement in our Imp. share and Top imp. share, at the campaign level the CPCs rose significantly leading to higher cost/conv.
With the new single keyword structure, the exact match keyword saw v. high CPCs and poor conversion rates, resulting in high CPLs.
CPLs for the phrase adgroup also are seen trending higher compared to the old campaign structure.

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