IMP-PCBA (Performance Log)

Summary (1st and 2nd run)


Between the 1st and 2nd run, we see - 59% increase in gross revenue - 150% rise in gross CM

What is working?

SEM has been the best performing channel for us on the paid front. - Delivered 52% (11/21) of the overall paid apps in the 1st run - 47% (14/30) in the 2nd run.
We took learnings from the IMP-BA OC parallel and saw that ‘broad match keywords’, although delivering good paid apps in terms of volume, was largely CM negative compared to phrase and exact match types. ​
Hence, in an attempt to maximize performance for a newly launched program, we decide to stick with only phrase and exact match keyword targeting. ​
As can be seen from the data above, Exact match turns out to be the best targeting in terms of end CM and hence efforts would be to maximize lead gen from this set in the upcoming runs.
We have seen a healthy growth on the non-paid (organic, direct, school, front as well.
Gross PAs increased from 4 to 9 in the 2nd run, at an L2PA of 7.3% (vs 3.3% in the 1st run) Pay% spiked from 15% to 36%

What has not worked, yet!

Social was tested in the 2nd run with School based targeting (that has worked well for some other BC programs).
The performance here though was on the poorer side being able to generate only 1 PA at a high CAC of 186%. ​
We would continue to test this in the upcoming runs.
Google Discovery
Although we see a good lead flow from discovery, the L2A conversion is very poor at <2% ​
This would require us to set up targeting at a more granular level moving into next run so as to improve the mid-bottom funnel conversion.

End of run Update (IMP-PCBA-23-09)

Overall metrics: ​
Summary: We closed at a Revenue of a little over $100K and positive CM of $25K
66% PAs seen from paid channels, 19% non-paid, 14% unidentified
Experiment 1: Expansion into non-UK regions ​Start date: 1 Aug 2023 Leads: 61 Apps: 2 PA: 1 (Switzerland) L2A: 3.3% Spend: $6,185 CPL: $101
While the CPL is in line with the UK campaign, L2A is poor at 3.3% (vs 9.5% for UK). Continuing to run the campaign on regions with high conversion rates (highlighted below) ​
Experiment 2: Google discovery campaign ​Start date: 2 Aug 2023 Warm+ conversion objective See 1 PA @77.5% CAC. L2A is weak at 2.03% L2PA - 0.68% ​
The 1 PA was generated in the initial days of the program. No conversion since. L2A very weak at 2%. Discontinuing the campaign. Can test with ‘leads’ objective for the next run.
—————————————————————————————————————————————————— 25th Aug 2023 Update

Overall metric: ​

See 5 additional PAs generated in the last 20 days. SEM Brand - 1 School - 1 Unidentified - 2 Organic - 1
We are past 2 MDRs since the last update but see no movement in PAs from SEM Nonbrand. 133 leads and 5 apps have been generated during this period. Lead-keyword mix has been the same.
Experiment 1: Expansion into non-UK regions ​Start date: 1 Aug 2023 Leads: 31 Apps: 1 PA: 0 L2A: 3.2% Spend: $2,936 CPL: $95
Next steps: ——-Experiment 2: Google discovery campaign ​Start date: 2 Aug 2023 Warm+ conversion objective See 1 PA @46% CAC. L2A though is currently trending weak at 2.15% L2PA - 1.08% ​
Next steps: Test ‘exact match’ keywords for SEM Nonbrand and Brand
—————————————————————————————————————————————————— ​Overall Metric (as on 4 August 2023): ​
We’re seeing good traction here for a 1st run
Currently trending at 8 PAs @36% CAC - 41 days away from batch start date
7/8 paid apps have come from paid channels (primarily google search)


Structure: 2 primary campaigns
NonBrand - UK
Brand - UK
Targeted Keywords:NonBrand ​"data analytics course" "data analytics training" "data analytics courses" "best data analytics courses" "data analytics bootcamp" "data analyst course online" "data analyst bootcamp" "data analyst course" "data analytics certification" "best data analyst certification" "data analysis courses uk" "best data analyst course" ​Brand ​"imperial data analytics" "imperial business analytics" "imperial college data analytics" "imperial data analytics course" "imperial college london data analytics" "imperial data analytics bootcamp" "imperial data analytics certification" "imperial professional certificate data analytics" [data analytics imperial]Note: We see that on the IMP-BA Online Cert, most traction is from ‘data analytics’ keywords. ‘Business analytics’ as a theme is driving low volume and poor CM. Hence, we are currently focusing to maximize leadgen from the ‘data analytics’ set of keywords. (attached is the screengrab from IMP-BA for Q3 & Q4) ​
Ad Previews:Desktop

The channel is performing well with 6 PAs (5 NonBrand, 1 Brand) @48% CAC
We are in the +ve CM territory here currently - 41 days away from batch start

Active Experiments:

Expansion into non-UK regions ​Start date: 1 Aug 2023 ​Targeted geos: Germany, Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Switzerland
Google discovery campaign ​Start date: 2 Aug 2023 ​Targeted geos: UK Optimizing on ‘deeper funnel’ conversion action (warm leads)

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