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Trial Task

Sweetness! We’re one step closer to working together.
I am so stoked you’d consider joining the Scrap Strategies family. It means a ton that you’d put your trust in this tiny business with big dreams to influence the globe. And since welcoming someone and joining a new crew is a big deal— it’s important we do it right!
This task is a try out for both of us. My request is for your help assembling a small list of small business grants for U.S. based women and/or minority owned service business and a plan for outreach. Although it isn’t a glamorous (I know), its a very important one for the longterm sustainability of the business.
This request consists of two parts:

Part One of Trial Task

Assemble a recommended list of grants that Scrap Strategies should apply to in the coming year.
Please assemble a list of no more than 5 grants you believe Scrap Strategies would be a good fit for.
Here’s what I presume* you’ll need:
Internet access to research potential qualifying grants
A place to share your findings and all that would be needed in order to apply to the grants

Part Two of Trial Task

Define a schedule and plan for how and when you propose we should apply to them.
Please assemble a scheduled plan for how we would reach $50,000 in proposal submissions (re: submissions, not wins) within 2024.
Here’s what I presume* you’ll need:
Access to a tool to share an outreach strategy and plan
A presentation of your strategy and plan in whatever format
Either of these requests can be presented in any format you feel comfortable with. Feel free to use whatever tools and technology you know best, or if there’s a tool you need access to, let me know and I will provide it for you.

The most important notes:

Please spend no more two hours on the above
You will be fully compensated for your time
I am incredibly appreciative of your willingness to help


Got a question?

If you need help or clarification at any moment regarding the task, working at Scrap Strategies in general, or anything in between— you can ask below or by emailing me at .

What’s this task about, anyway?

There are thousands of grants out there that one can apply to, especially as a Black owned, Latina owned, Women business. There is no trick here, a quick google search will show you how plentiful they are. There is also no right or wrong. There are goals here for both you and I:
For me, I am analyzing for the following:
How do you parse through information
How do you create a plan when given ambiguous details
What is your thought process when assembling a plan
What tools are you most comfortable with
Before you start, I’d recommend you consider what really matters to you when it comes to your work and make sure that Gisell and Scrap Strategies can give you that. There is no wrong answer here either, the most important part is that you’re honest with yourself about what you need and whether Scrap Strategies can provide it.
Some prompting questions for you:
Do I like this level of ambiguity?
Does the way Gisell communicate work well for me?
Am I able to receive what I need from her when I need it to be successful?
Does her working style work for me?

Ready to submit?

Email me at with what you’ve got and I’ll review and get back to you with a confirmation of receipt.
Afterwards, I’l review all of the entries and make a pitch to the person who will hopefully be joining in the audacious goal to help small businesses grow by the end of the week.
Thank you again for considering Scrap Strategies as your next work home. I am here to answer whatever questions you may have and cannot wait to see what you’ve got!

Have fun!
Gisell Paula
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