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Raise Candidate Experience - Overview

The Problem:

Work is how we earn a living - it’s what provides resources to both survive and thrive.
Looking for work is partially about finding a job, but because the stakes are so high it carries a lot of emotions, expectations, and potentially a lot of anxiety for the job seeker. A job often carries more weight than just signing a contract and performing tasks.
But applying for a job is confusing, opaque, and frustrating.
Recruiters and companies don’t communicate - ghosting, not following up, and not even notifying candidates if they were unsuccessful.
Candidates don’t even know how much roles pay - recruiters hide the compensation details, so there is a mismatch (and inevitable disappointment) between experience / qualifications & compensation.
Companies post jobs that might not even exist, so candidate’s don’t trust that the job is real.
The application process is often overly onerous or there are unreasonable time expectations - entering information, performing lengthy assignments on the candidate’s own time, or rounds and rounds of interviews covering the same thing.
Candidates generally distrust recruiters. They’re worried about getting scammed, recruiters can aggressive, might not know what they’re talking about, and can be disrespectful of the candidate’s time or experience.

What applying with Raise should feel like:

Candidates should have confidence that the role the role they’re applying for is real, and that the responsibilities and compensation for the role match their skills and experience.
Candidates should feel that the application is straightforward, and transparent. They know that we’ve received their application, that it’s been reviewed by human and we follow up promptly. Candidates know where they are in the application process, and if they’re unsuccessful we let them know as soon as possible.
Candidates should feel that a Raise Recruiter is most interested in connecting them with meaningful work - not simply a transaction. No matter where the recruiter is located, they are knowledgeable about the role and client, transparent and helpful in their interactions.

The Pre-Mortem

What could go wrong with this project?
It doesn’t feel like a “seamless experience”; the systems aren’t cohesive, it feels disjointed and hacked together.
E.g., different logins for different parts of the process (application, onboarding)
You don’t know where to find the information you’re looking for because they’re on different systems
The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing; tech processes and people processes aren’t aligned. There’s duplication, overlap, or candidates are confused as to what to do next.
The “LiveHire profile problem” - too much friction or work involved in the application process. Candidates/contractors can’t see why they should invest effort into our system (sign in, entering information, etc.)
We’re no better than everyone else. has also developed a “digital experience”, has a candidate login and will try and nurture jobseekers with follow-up communication.
We dump a lot of resources into a half-baked experience that candidates aren’t interested in or provides no value to them. (LiveHire problem part II?)

What could go right with this project?
“Differentiation” - i.e., candidates want to apply for Raise jobs because it’s easy and they like the process better.
Improved candidate quality - candidates come back to Raise and/or refer other to work with Raise. (”Raving fans”).
Efficiency from a better integration of tech & people processes. Our teams use tech well, which makes our work better and easier, which means serving our candidates/contractors is easier. The investment of time and resources pays off both in terms of candidate experience but also in efficiency gains.

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