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Career Chronicle: Resumé and Achievement

👇 Education 👇

Specialization in Mental Health and Human Development

Pontificate Catholic University of Paraná (2022-2023)
Skills developed
Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and responding to the emotional needs of others.
Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Building rapport and communicating effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Analyzing complex situations and developing effective solutions.

Yoga Training

Yoga Alliance (2022-2023)
Skills developed
Mind-Body Connection: Deepened understanding of the interconnectedness of mind and body, and the ability to guide others in cultivating this connection through yoga and mindfulness practices.
Anatomy and Physiology: Comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, particularly as it relates to movement, alignment, and the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health.
Teaching Methodology: Expertise in designing and leading effective yoga classes that cater to diverse needs and abilities, incorporating various yoga styles and modifications.

Master's in Design with an emphasis on Media

Federal University of Santa Catarina (2019-2021)
Skills developed
Qualitative Research: Conducting in-depth interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic studies to gain insights into user behaviors, motivations, and needs.
Quantitative Research: Designing and implementing surveys, experiments, and data analysis to gather and interpret numerical data related to user experiences and product performance.
Critical Thinking and Synthesis: Analyzing complex information from multiple sources, evaluating different perspectives, and synthesizing findings to develop innovative design solutions.

Specialization in Communication and Semiotics

University of Araraquara (2018-2020)
Skills developed
Semiotic Analysis: Interpreting signs and symbols in communication and culture.
Critical Media Literacy: Analyzing media messages and their impact on society.
Cultural Studies: Understanding the role of culture in shaping communication and identity.

Publicity and Advertising

Senac (2016-2017)
Skills developed
Visual Design: Creating visually appealing graphics and layouts for marketing materials, utilizing tools like Photoshop and Canva.
Image Editing: Proficiency in using image editing software to enhance and manipulate images for various marketing purposes.
Graphic Design Principles: Understanding and applying fundamental design principles such as composition, color theory, and typography to create effective visuals.

Specialization in Social Media Management and Digital Marketing

University of the south of Santa Catarina (2015-2016)
Skills developed
Digital Marketing Strategy: Developing and implementing effective marketing strategies across various digital channels to achieve specific business goals.
Social Media Analytics: Utilizing data-driven insights to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and optimize future strategies.
Content Marketing: Creating and curating engaging content tailored to specific social media platforms and target audiences to drive brand awareness and engagement.

University exchange Administration and business

France Business School (2012)
Skills developed
Adaptability: Thriving in new and unfamiliar environments, quickly adjusting to different cultural norms and expectations.
Intercultural Competence: Effectively communicating and collaborating with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, demonstrating sensitivity and respect for cultural differences.
Independence and Resourcefulness: Navigating challenges and solving problems independently, demonstrating initiative and resilience in unfamiliar situations.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

University of the state of Santa Catarina (2011-2014)
Skills developed
Financial Management: Understanding financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting.
Strategic Planning: Developing and implementing strategies to achieve organizational goals.
Operations Management: Managing the day-to-day operations of a business, including production, logistics, and supply chain management.

👇 Experiences 👇

Member Exposure Therapy

International Community
Exposure Therapy is an active gathering of innovative people who move the practice of strategy forward. The community is centered around powerful programming, roundtable discussions, original research and immersive gatherings. We are exposed to provocative new ideas every month, actively train ourselves to be better strategic thinkers, and grow in both our personal and professional lives.

Intelligence Fellowship: Research and Data Analysis

Analyzing and interpreting economic and foreign trade data
Coordinating and supporting data collection
Processing collected data to prepare written reports
Developing qualitative and quantitative intelligence studies, generating qualified information
Processing primary and secondary data
Processing official data
Facilitate co-design sessions for the design of social impact projects

Communication and Marketing Coordinator

Impact Hub Brasil
Content strategy for Inovativa's accelerated members
Social networking strategies Inovativa and Impact Hub Brazil
Event production
Curator of content and people
Service to startups (relationship management/CS)
Impact Reports
Co-leading the Learning Culture Committee
We implement events, structures and platforms to enhance learning. Example of events: Immersion in Communities, Learning Festival, Monthly Shares and Community of Practices.

Full Communications Analyst IV

Impact Hub Floripa
Communication planning, strategy and execution of the two programs, with the help and guidance of the communication management
Content production focused on intelligence reports and analysis of results indicators, replicating the information in blog posts, social networks and various materials, according to previous planning
Monitoring and guidance of paid traffic strategy together with the specialized agency
Creation and feeding of automated e-mail flows in RD Station
Production of social media and paid traffic reports
Liaise directly with project coordinators to understand the communication demands of each area
Contact with the press to publicize and enhance the reach of our deliveries
Management and creation of strategies with partners to publicize classes and attract program beneficiaries

Junior Communication Analyst

Franq Open Banking
Create customer communication rule implemented via RD and Mkt Cloud
Assist in the implementation of Salesforce, with an emphasis on the Marketing Cloud core
Produce product touchpoints within Market Place
Produce Landing Pages of partnerships
Develop Inbound Marketing strategy

Business Secretary

Customer Service
Production of reports and certificates
Creation of forms and the secretariat guide

Writer Freelancer

Copy for websites
Blog texts
Copy for digital product launches
Ebook translations
Social media content
Video scripts

Marketing Communication Assistant

Pulsarmed Esthetic
Online and offline strategy planning
Responsible for the creation of the brand and for the current management of the brand
Analysis of the main social networks Instagram and Website
Reporting and metric comparisons
Suggestions for improvements in business processes
Responsible for organizing courses and attracting participants
Online and offline strategy planning
Responsible for the creation of the brand and for the current management of the brand
Analysis of the main social networks Instagram and Website
Reporting and metric comparisons
Suggestions for improvements in business processes
Responsible for organizing courses and attracting participants

👇 Core Skills 👇

These are the core skills I've honed throughout my career journey. By weaving these skills together, I believe we can create incredible events, nurture thriving communities, and craft unforgettable experiences that inspire learning and growth.
🗣️ Communication Strategy
Proven ability to develop and execute comprehensive communication plans that align with organizational goals.
Impact Hub and Franq Open Banking
📢 Social Media Management
Expertise in managing social media channels, creating engaging content, and analyzing data to measure success.
Impact Hub and as a freelancer
😜 Facilitation
Structure for connection, ideas generation, decisions, learning and community building
Impact Hub and Softex
📅 Event Management:
Extensive experience in planning, organizing, and executing successful events.
Pulsarmed Esthetic and Impact Hub Brasil
📊 Data Analysis
Proficient in analyzing data to identify trends, measure impact, and inform decision-making.
Impact Hub and Softex
✍️ Copywriting and Editing
Skilled in crafting compelling copy for various platforms, including websites, social media, and marketing materials.
Franq Open Banking and as a freelancer
🤝 Relationship Building
Proven ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels, fostering trust and collaboration.
Impact Hub and LAB SEAD UFSC)

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