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Volunteering at Schoolhouse

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Showcasing Your Volunteer Experience

Here are some guidelines on how you can showcase the skills and experience you build at Schoolhouse to the outside world!

Giving Context on What Schoolhouse is 🌎

If you’re discussing schoolhouse on a resume or application, it’s a good idea to give some brief context on what it is. Here are some ideas on how you can summarize it:
is a non-profit that provides free, small group tutoring to high school students over Zoom.
is a non-profit that connects students to volunteer tutors for small group tutoring sessions online.

Sharing Your Tutoring Experience 👩‍🏫

You can call yourself a “Peer Tutor,” or specify the subject you focus on teaching, e.g., “Calculus Tutor.” It’s a good idea to quickly specify how tutoring at Schoolhouse is unique from typical peer tutoring (global, small-group). Here are some examples:
As a Calculus tutor at Schoolhouse, I ran more than 50 small-group tutoring sessions with students all over the world.
As a peer tutor at Schoolhouse, I ran 25 small-group tutoring sessions across SAT practice and AP Physics, helping students from over a dozen countries.

Your Schoolhouse Transcript
When applying to colleges, or even education related jobs, we highly recommend that you also share your portfolio, which shows a high level overview of the certifications you earned and the impact you had on learners. You can find your personal portfolio through the certification page,
Universities that have partnered with us, such as the University of Chicago and MIT, will have a specific section of their application that asks for your Schoolhouse transcript. If you are applying at a school who does not have this section like this, you can take a screenshot and include it in the supporting documents section.

Sharing your Volunteer Experience 🤲

In addition to tutoring sessions at Schoolhouse, you may also be involved in other volunteer opportunities—this can range from helping out with a specific initiative, to onboarding tutors, to working on an official team. Here are some guidelines on how to talk about your experience:
If you are on an official team, you have an official title which you can use on applications and resume.
Example: Auditing Team Co-Lead or Community Engagement Team Member
If you’re not sure what your title is, check with your product team supervisor.
If you are not on an official team, you should not give yourself titles aside from the “tutor” titles mentioned in the section above. However, you can (and should!) discuss the details about the volunteer work you did in your role description.
Example: “As a tutor at I taught pre-algebra to more than 30 different students around the world. I also led an initiative to recruit SAT tutors from my local area, resulting in 8 new tutors joining the team and teaching over 50 SAT sessions.”

Updating your LinkedIn 🔗

If you meet the age requirement to join LinkedIn, it’s a great idea to add your volunteer experience to your LinkedIn page as well! Make sure to add it as “Volunteer Experience” rather than “Work Experience,” so that it shows up accurately on your profile.
It’s also a good idea to share more about your experience as a volunteer in LinkedIn posts—be sure to tag Schoolhouse in the post so we can show it some love.

Asking for Recommendations ✉️

We value the dedication of our volunteers and understand the importance of recommendation letters. However, due to volume of requests and our belief that letters of recommendation should be written by people who know you well and have personally evaluated your work, we regret that we can't fulfill the majority of requests. You can read more about recommendation letters from Schoolhouse

Other Tips & Tricks

Resumes and applications are typically scanned in seconds; keep descriptions as short and specific and possible!
Always keep your resume under one page long. It’s more important for it to be succinct and easy to read than comprehensive.
Take some time to think about why you’re so passionate about tutoring here. It could be the material you’re tutoring, it could be the teaching process, it could be the global community, it could be the excitement of a startup, or something entirely different—be ready with your personal story!
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