Maker seat request message generator

Use this doc to craft a customized message to your workspace admin to upgrade your Coda license.

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, ready to become a Maker? We’re here to help.

What is a Maker?
A Maker is our term for a paid seat in Coda. Currently, Makers in Coda are able to own, create, and manage docs.
Starting November 6, 2023, you will need to be a Maker in order to create and manage docs and pages, as well as to use Coda AI. Learn more about what it means to be a Maker in and even more about all Coda roles

How to request a Maker seat

Find your workspace admin:
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Send them a message asking to be upgraded. To make this a breeze, we’ve built a message builder below.

Click create message, choose your desired maker features and tone below, then watch as Coda AI ✨ crafts a personalized message you can slack or email to your admins right away, no extra brain power necessary.

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Desired Features
Use Coda AI
Create and delete pages & subpages
Create and manage docs
Additional Comments
Hi Emma,
I hope you're doing well! I am writing to request an upgrade to a Doc Maker in Coda. As you know, Coda is an essential tool for managing our projects efficiently. Upgrading my account will allow me to use Coda AI, create and delete pages & subpages, and create and manage docs. These features will help me to be more productive and better equipped to handle my responsibilities.
Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Best regards,
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