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For CSMS - Integration Development Process

Workflow Overview

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Customer integrations are tracked in Jira
and follow the workflow outlined step by step above. Statuses in yellow reflect the steps in the process that are owned by the CSM. Statuses in purple reflect steps in the process that are owned by P&E.

CSM Responsibilities

CSM’s will be listed as the Assignee for any integration tickets they are expected to monitor and update with context on the customer’s current status (ex: “This ticket is still on hold, hoping to revisit the integration work next month”). CSM’s are listed responsible for tickets in any of the following statuses:
Requested - CSM’s are responsible for ensuring their customer’s integration request stays updated in Jira. CSM’s should add any updates / new context around customer needs as comments on tickets in this status.
Discovery - Informs the CSM that the integration request has been prioritized. CSM should reach out to customer to schedule Discovery call with customer, CSM, and P&E.
Stalled - CSM Follow-up - CSM’s are responsible for adding updates (at least biweekly) based on conversations with the customer about any blockers to integration development. Unless directly notified via a comment, P&E will assume a customer in this status does not require their attention.
Done - Integration Live - CSM’s can add questions or issues as comments on the customer’s “Done” ticket and tag P&E for support if a customer is having issues with a live integration.


CSM’s can join the #ask-integrations channel to receive notifications on ticket progress in Slack.
This channel will send a message to notify the team of the following events:
Slack Notifications
Impact to CSM
New integration request is created in Jira.
CSM is listed as Ticket Assignee and is expected to add comments to communicate any relevant updates/changes from customer.
Ticket is moves into Discovery
This informs the CSM that the integration request has been prioritized. CSM should reach out to customer to schedule Discovery call with customer, CSM, and P&E.
Ticket moves into Stalled - CSM Follow-up
If P&E does not hear back from customer after 2 weeks, they will pause work on this ticket and move to the Stalled status. CSM is responsible for monitoring and updating moving forward, based on conversations with customer. Once a customer is ready to re-engage with P&E, CSM should tag P&E in a comment and P&E will update the ticket status based on where they resume work.
Ticket moves into Done - Integration Live
P&E updates to this status when a customer’s integration development is complete and the integration has been tested and implemented with the customer. CSM’s are assigned the completed ticket for visibility, and so they can tag P&E via comments if anything relevant comes up down the line that requires P&E to revisit the ticket.
Ticket moves into Won’t Do/Duplicate
Tickets will move into this status
There are no rows in this table
Ticket has been moved into Discovery meaning the integration request has been prioritized and P&E should be looped in by CSM to have an initial discovery call with customer.
Ticket has moved into Stalled - CSM Follow-up and requires CSM monitoring and updating moving forward.
Ticket has moved into Done - Integration Live and integration has been successfully implemented for that customer.
Ticket has moved into Won't Do/Duplicate meaning the integration ticket has been reviewed and will not be actioned upon further. See ticket comment for notes.
Ticket assignee has changed. If the CSM has been assigned the ticket, they are now responsible to provide updates on the ticket to communicate any relevant context from their customer conversations.
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