Portfolio Documentation Index

Week 1 : Discovery and Scope of Work
Project Outline
Week 2: Data Design and Setup
Training Documentation
Contacts and Accounts
How to create a household account
How relationships work
What to expect when adding a teacher (or anything that fits your specific nonprofit, is that a coach, mentor?
Release Notes
NPSP Settings
Automatic Relationship Explanation
Data Dictionary
Week 3 : Marketing, Accounting Training Documentation
How to create a campaign including how to enter the key information that will help them to track the campaigns' ROI.
How to create an email template.
How to send an email in mass to members of a campaign and insert an email template.
How to add a General Accounting Unit
How to split an allocation between two General Accounting Units on one Opportunity
Week 4: Fundraising
Training Documentation Fundraising
How to create a grant opportunity
How to create an engagement plan template and use engagement plans
Week 5: Formulas and Customization
Release Notes
New rollup and formula fields
Gift Entry Template
Week 6: Reports and Automation
On-boarding Explanation Documents
How email automation works and where to find reports
Week 7: Add-on Configurations
On-boarding Explanation Documents
Data structure of V4S and/or PMM
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