Hip Hop: The Dance World’s Valuable Treasure

One of the most popular genres of dance in American culture is hip hop. The style is practiced worldwide, evolving from break dancing over the past few decades. Hip hop convinces acrobatics along with traditional dance moves from neighbouring genres.
The best teaches all the various freestyle movements that make the style so spectacular.
This article will briefly explore the evolution of hip hop dance over the last several decades. In recent years, the genre has made a significant impact on pop culture.
Evolution of hip-hop dance to become popular worldwide
During the 1970s, smaller dance groups performed a fresh style to the scene. New York put hip hop on the map, starting out as breakdance. The style combined several elements that made it its own genre.
Hip hop was a mixture of 1960s funk and New York street dance. The “Soul Train” television show put hip hop on the air in 1971, catapulting the style into national recognition.
An exceptional hip hop class San Diego will teach its history, impact on society, and various movements.
1. The attitude of the music reflects in the hip hop, which is more of irreverence, boldness, and confidence.
2. It’s not easy making difficult movements look easier. In fact, this is one of hip hops biggest challenges.
3. Hip hop music is typically upbeat. With that said, the sport is excellent for your physical well-being.
Styles of Hip Hop Dance Taught in the Best San Diego Dance Class
The best includes an array of classes to choose from in the hip hop genre. The following breaks down this style of dance:
· Freestyle requires no choreography – it’s improvised and spontaneous.
· Breakdancing, believed to be the origin of hip hop, involves contorting and spinning with an acrobatic style.
· Krumping style gets driven by force, which is triggered by emotions.
To learn all the above characteristics and styles, joining the best hip hop class in San Diego!
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