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Restoring Soils with (Root Symbiotic) Fungi

This presentation has been created for the Australian Earth Laws Alliance, Green Prints series Our Place – Getting to Know Our Local Bioregion (Sunshine Coast). I describe the creation of soil and the the role of root symbiotic fungi in this process, the importance of soil carbon in soil health, and how soil is a living substance that is rapidly being destroyed by current agricultural practices, specifically by the grazing of livestock. I then explain how we can regenerate soils by inoculating plants with root symbiotic fungi and creating soil conditions that support soil microorganisms.

The Soil Microbiome in Habitat Restoration

Dr. Sandra Tuszynska describes how soil and plant health depend on the presence of beneficial soil microbes that form the soil food web. Plants, especially trees, shrubs and late successional grasses, collaborate and exchange nutrients with the organisms that feed and protect them, especially relying on their mycorrhizal or root symbiotic fungi for nutrient acquisition and protection. Understanding the role of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes in plant nutrition and health, in relation to plant succession and weed management, is key to restoring ecosystems. Discover how we can create habitats for and cultivate these essential organisms to restore soil biodiversity for sustainable and thriving plant and ecosystem regeneration. This presentation has been created for Brisbane City Council's Habitat Brisbane program, as part of Brisbane Biodiversity Seminars, presented on the 12th of May 2021.
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