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Permaculture Noosa workshops

Presidents Message – June 2023

Compost intensive weeks ahead
We are very fortunate to have cutting edge soil biologist Dr Sandra Tuszynska back for three speaking engagements.
Sandra has a deep, intimate relationship with soil micro-organisms and she is an authority on creating healthy soil by working with the ecosystems between the soil mineral content, biomes and plants. Currently, through the lenses of her microscope, she is finding the “super powers” of our little friends and will be enthusiastically sharing her research.
Last year, Sandra gave a rousing presentation at club night of her recent work and discussed the value of the new “Worm Flow” system of worm farming. She then facilitated a workshop where we made 26 worm flow systems from discarded wheelie bins. We are fortunate to be so supporting of the latest evolutions in gardening with Sandra. This is our Permaculture Journey.
This relationship with Sandra started when Permaculture Noosa asked her to look at the quality of the green waste double grind from the Noosa Council Tip. The Cooroy Community Garden had 36 cubic meters delivered and we then tested its application in our garden beds. Sandra studied the biodiversity in the grind and gave us a report in her presentation at club night. All seemed full of life and good quality.
Now, the Noosa Council Waste Team is sponsoring Sandra’s presentations at Peregian and our Cooroy Community Garden. The focus is how the double grind from Noosa Council’s own green waste can be used in our compost creation. The Waste Team is responding to Noosa Council’s public consultation which found that the community supports the circular economy, especially in terms of organic waste. One goal of this project is to educate people to do the right thing with green waste in the green bin. NO PLASTICS or other things that do not belong there! The second goal is to help people turn the double grind into quality soil.
I believe that the club should be proud of our relationship with Dr Sandra Tuszynska. She has educated us with soil health and worm farms and now we are introducing her to Noosa Council. Permaculture Noosa is making a difference!
Compost forever,
Peregian Beach Veggie Village Saturday, June 3 from 9:00am to 1:00. This will be an introduction to Sandra’s work with compost and how council double grind can fit into your composting.
Cooroy Community Garden, Sunday, June 4 from 9:00am to 1:00. This is a scaled-up version looking at syntropic gardens and growing for community. Bring a bucket of your home soil and Sandra may give some insights on how to improve it. She will also discuss the Johnson-Su Bio Reactor and how it may be used for Noosa’s agriculture.
Cooroy Library Monday, June 12, 9:00am to 11:00. RSVP through this link:
Sandra will give an overview of creating healthy soil ecosystems. To dive deeper into the fascinating world of soil microbes check out Sandra’s Soil Restoration Course ​
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