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Inherits the where it sets the TextureProviderName attribute to "ItemTableauTextureProvider". This widget also uses the ItemModifer ID and StringId set from the Datasource to configure that .

How it Works

The DataSource contains the ItemModifierID and StringID which the widget captures by reading the specified DataSourceProperty
After grabbing the ItemModifierID and StringID, each of them call the SetTExtureProviderPropertyMethod of the . This Method adds the key and value of the fields to the textureProviderProperties Dictionary.
3. In the OnUpdate method of the , another version of the SetTextureProviderPropertyMethod is called which takes every key,value entry of the textureProviderProperties Dictionary and passes them to the SetProperty method of the TextureProvider
4. In this base method, the looks for the public setter in the sub-class that corresponds to the key value passed.
5.After finding it, it passes the value to the method that the setter calls which updates a parameter in a that was linked to the 's subclass.
6. So now that the Tableau is updated ,
is called during
which returns the physical representation of the texture :P


<ItemTableauWidget DataSource="{ItemTableauViewModel}" WidthSizePolicy="Fixed" HeightSizePolicy="Fixed" SuggestedWidth="750" SuggestedHeight="750" MarginTop="15" HorizontalAlignment="Center" ItemModifierId="@ItemModifierId" StringId="@StringId" />


Setting Values

When the ItemModifierId or StringId is set, each of them calls the
SetTextureProviderProperty method of the . This method adds the key and value of the fields to the _textureProviderProperties dictionary.

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