The Mind Reading Card Trick.

in a new series of “Revealing the Magic Behind the Magic”. This is the first of the series and, when performed professionally- including the Poker-Face, can get the wows you’re looking for!
The Trick:
A prediction in a sealed envelope matches a card chosen by your spectator.
Salman Behbehani Card Tricks 3.jpg
A complete Deck of Cards .
Before you begin, write down a prediction on a piece of paper (i.e. 10 of Hearts) and seal it in an envelope. Then, take your deck of cards and secretly place the 10 of Hearts on top.
Hand the envelope to an audience member and instruct them not to open it.
Fan the in your hand and show the audience they’re all mixed up. If someone asks to shuffle the deck. Don’t panic! Once they’ve shuffled, fan through the cards again to verify they’re properly shuffled. While you do this, locate the 10 of Hearts and cut it back to the top of the deck.
Now, you will get them to select the 10 of Hearts using a super easy self-working card force known as the Cross Cut Force.
Place the deck face down on the table and invite an audience member to cut the deck in half and place the cards to their right.

Salman Behhbehani deck-of-cards.jpg
Place the deck face down.
You then immediately pick up the original bottom half on the left, turn it sideways and place it on top of the cards to the right.
For this force to be effective, you’ll now need to let a few moments pass so your audience forgets which half came from where.
To do this, look up from the deck of cards and begin recapping how you used a regular deck of cards that was fairly shuffled. Remind your volunteer that they could have cut anywhere but chose to “cut here.”
As you say “cut here” pick up the sideways top half and then point to the top card of the bottom half (the Ten of Hearts) and say “and you selected this card.”
Have the volunteer turn over the selected card and then reveal it matches your prediction!
Salman Behhbehani deck-of-cards 2.jpg
Is this your card?

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