Salman Behbehani- 2022 New Year Resolutions.

With the end of 2021 fast approaching, people are starting to create their list of New Year’s Resolutions. While these often do not last, even the act of making the lost can have an impact om positive changes.
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Renowned magician Salman Behbehani has a slightly different take on New Year’s Resolutions. “The way I see it is that for those who write up a list of difficult resolutions like giving up sugar or going to the gym every day, they setting themselves up for failure. But if you make a fun New Year’s Resolution, you are more likely to stick to it.”
Given this, for all wannabe magicians, Behbehani advises the following:
Don’t make an all-encompassing resolution like ‘leading a healthier lifestyle’; it’s too wide in scope and thus doomed to failure.
Make a resolution that will potentially lead to a greater goal – like a healthier lifestyle – and that will be fun as well.
If you are interested in magic and magic tricks, try to learn a new trick each day.
When you learn a magic trick, you are already developing an important discipline that will potentially lead to greater things such as the slow yet steady creation of a healthier lifestyle.
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Listen to the rest of Salman Behbehani’s advice for 2022 Resolutions:

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