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QualificationCheck (QC) Project Outline

Full Service Partnership - design, develop and deploy your custom automation


Streamline the current system for customer service and operations.

Efficient operations will be necessary to scale and hit goals of doubling revenue this year as well as achieving tough EBITDA targets.

Flow Outline

This is a rough outline to provide an idea of the automation. It is subject to appropriate change which will occur during the shaping phase.


Customer Service is no longer constrained by information by having full visibility into operations.
Operations Team streamlined by having a centralised place to view tasks, progress, etc. No more applicants that have been forgotten.
Project Management system increases efficiency and productivity.
Time saved with AI implemented into inboxes to create draft emails as soon as emails come in.


Timeline (7-9 weeks)

Phase I: Shaping

Weeks 1-2
Consultation: Define exact specifications and details of what will be delivered. We’ll chat live to gather as much information as possible in order to considerably improve operations.
Technology Stack Selection: Decide on the tools to be used based on project requirements.
Deliverable: Full Specification and Drafted Contract

Phase II: Development

Weeks 3-7
Development: Actual development of automations based on defined requirements.
Integration: Combining different components and services into one fully functional automation.
Deliverable: Functional automation

Phase III: Review and Launch

Weeks 7-9

i. Review

Testing: Ensure quality and functionality.

ii. Launch

Deployment: Providing necessary training to team members
Post-Launch Support: Addressing any issues that users face in real-time and providing necessary updates and patches.
Deliverable: Launch Ready Automation and Knowledge Guide for Internal Use 🚀


The following schedule outlines the key milestones and the associated investments:
To book in Shaping Phase
Upon signing of contact
1 month following contract sign date
2 months following contract sign date
There are no rows in this table

Ongoing Maintenance

3rd Party Software Costs £30~£100 per month depending on additional features built.

We charge a basic maintenance fee of £200 per month.
This covers:
Regular system adjustments and minor updates as needed.
Troubleshooting and repairs should they arise.


Our Program

If you decide to opt out of our maintenance, we offer a training program to bring your maintenance in-house.
We provide the training and skills needed to manage and maintain your app in-house.
Save £200/month by taking control of your app's maintenance.
The program costs £1000.
Further information provided upon request


Our Guarantee

We understand the importance of trust and reliability in our services, which is why we offer an unequivocal guarantee.
Our guarantee is straightforward—there are no hidden terms or conditions. If the system we build fails to meet the specifications agreed upon, we will initiate a full refund of 100% of the fees paid including the booking fee. And this guarantee will be put into writing, bound by contractual agreement.
This assurance is designed to eliminate any risk on your behalf, providing peace of mind and demonstrating our confidence and effectiveness of our solution. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless and beneficial as possible, ensuring that it significantly contributes to achieving your business objectives.

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