Construction Accidents

In Windy City and across the country, the construction industry is hazardous. Tall buildings mean even taller cranes and other equipment. In the field, inexperienced workers sometimes operate cumbersome machinery. Both in the air and on the ground, many workers have limited English skills, so they may not understand the vague safety rules. Worse yet, an alarming number of companies are putting profits before people.
If you've been injured on the job, the Workers' Compensation Act provides essential benefits that your family needs, but those benefits are not available. You need an aggressive like the one from Saks, Robinson & Rittenberg, Ltd. to help you achieve these benefits. The once simple employee compensation process has become a maze. Without proper guidance, most people get lost. We the Chicago Construction Accident Attorney at won’t let it happen to you.
At the national level, the occupational health and safety police authority builds factories and ensures their safety. OSHA has fewer than 3,000 inspectors responsible for 130 million workers in approximately 10 million workplaces. There is little that these revised inspectors can do. Worksite accidents are therefore not uncommon. OSHA estimates that eliminating workplace fatalities related to the “four fatalities” would reduce workplace fatalities by more than half. The four mortals are:
● Falls,
● Electric shocks,
● Touched by an object, and
● Caught between two objects.
In 2016, an average of 14 workers died in U.S. workplaces every day.
Compensation Availability
A severe accident at work means loss of income and high medical costs. Workers' compensation insurance pays for both losses.
Most of the victims suffer from temporary disabilities. They can't go back to work until they're 100% better. This means that they must receive adequate medical care and complete their physiotherapy treatments. Although unable to work, most victims earn two-thirds of their average weekly wages. This gives their families the income they need to pay the bills.
The reimbursement of medical bills for worker's compensation works a little differently. In some cases, the insurance company pays these costs directly, and the victims are not responsible for the unpaid costs. In other cases, will ensure that the victim is treated at no upfront cost. However, victims of workplace accidents often never see the medical bills.
Illinois has an extensive Workers' Compensation Insurance Act. For example, most victims can choose their doctors. Victims of occupational accidents in many other countries do not have this right.
Am I entitled to additional compensation?
Perhaps. Chicago's construction industry is highly competitive. A few dollars can be the difference between winning and losing money on a given project. Some companies have therefore made compromises. Safety at work is often one of the first things on the cutting board.
If there is evidence that the company has been ruthless and knowingly put workers at risk, victims can sue outside the system and receive additional compensation. Thus, in addition to the money for the above economic losses, these people can also receive compensation for their non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering.
Work with dedicated Chicago Construction Accident Lawyers.
Victims of construction accidents may be entitled to substantial compensation. For free advice from an experienced Chicago workers' compensation lawyer, please get in touch with Saks, Robinson & Rittenberg, Ltd. We regularly conduct business in Cook County and neighbouring jurisdictions.
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