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Moore's Law for Everything 馃搫



Moore鈥檚 law is the principle that the computing power and capacity of computers will double every two years due to an increase in the number of transistors on a chip. We鈥檝e just begun to scratch the surface of the business cases for artificial and general intelligence, and the rise in computing power will enable exponential change across industries. Computers and AI will be used to tackle antiquated industries and regulations, creating a new dynamic protocol for decision making and optimization. Taxation and capitalism will become more distributed and less arbitrarily taxed. AI doctors will be used to run tests and diagnose patients. Transportation will be safer than ever with self-driving vehicles.

We will begin to create a nation of positive-sum games rather than zero-sum. Growth and profits should be distributed to accelerate growth in others, not slow down those growing fastest.

The article dives into specifics of a tax system, though it generally states that we must embrace and properly frame the wealth and value that will be created through the AI revolution

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