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Carta 101: How We Work



I’m intrigued by company values and mission statements. Not the classic gibberish of teamwork and respect, but the blunt truth for a startup operation. It’s an unspoken necessity to have guiding principles and values to rest on and a framework for dealing with decisions. Carta’s is especially great as it doesn’t beat around the bush. They are clear about their motivations and methods.

The article discusses Carta’s primary initial principles, built upon similar tenets of a professional sports team. They rely on timeliness, which started as a daily morning meetings where all employees were to be present. They value leverage, or the maximizing of impact for each unit of effort. And they expect periods of learning and then executing. There is a typical learning phase, after which execution and leverage is expected

They follow Peter Thiel’s
Competition is for Losers
for strategy and growth:
Avoid Competition
They thrive off the spaces and areas others don’t want to touch
Start in Small Markets
Create a monopoly in a small market and grow concentrically
Durability over growth
Creating a product that is durable will last, past those high-growth unicorns that don’t have defensible moats

Compensation follows that of a typical sports market. Those who provide value and increase marketability earn more. They pay at the 75th percentile, and recruit for people who optimize learning.

Awesome read.

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