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Amazon 2020/1997 Shareholder Letter



If I ever go on to start my own company, I will absolutely copy Bezos’ shareholder letter formate and transparency. He does not sugarcoat the state of the business, but is pragmatic and confident. I respect his for many reasons beyond just this, but I love his clarity.
He shares some timeless advice in his letters that are very true to their ethos:
Create more than you consume
Beyond creating new features, creating value. Value in prices, availability, and customer service
Differentiation is Survival and the Universe Wants You to Be Typical
I have run across this advice more recently, and have been observant how this manifests. Differentiation is difficult and requires constant work. It should not be comfortable, yet creates true growth.

It’s All About the Long Term
Compounding is everything. As Naval often states, play long term games with long term people
Obsess Over Customers
Constantly obsess over customer happiness and creating value

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