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Jazz Affects on the 20th Century


Flappers didn’t follow the societal norm for women in the 20th century. They danced to Jazz, smoked, wore makeup and lived for the moment. Flappers became a lifestyle, women wore shorter skirts because they were easier to dance in. Women did these things in order to prove that they could be as diverse as men, they could do anything men could do.
Jazz played an important role in this movement because this was the time it was taking off. Musicians were diverting from the path of blues and ragtime to create their own genre, Jazz. It was an upbeat tempo with the influence of blues. Evidently, it was the perfect music for the flappers to dance to. Flappers didn’t only benefit from the Jazz music, but helps popularize it as well. This opened up opportunity for young musicians to pursue their passions, joining a Jazz band or creating their own music.
The Flapper movement made a difference in American culture. Women would soon pursue a higher education, enter political life as activist, lobbyists or lawmakers. It also changed the way people viewed families. Women were no longer looked at as a person to have kids and take care of them, but as a person that can create her own place in the world. Therefore, families began to decrease, no longer did couples believe they needed to have as many children as possible. This allowed more time for the parents to spend together as well as more freedom in their lifestyle. These are changes that have stuck until this day.

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