6 Proven Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Summers are definitely the peak mosquito season. There are a wide variety of mosquitoes carrying parasites that cause dengue, yellow fever and amongst other diseases.
If you reside in the tropical region of the globe, it is even more important to take preventative measures against the different species of mosquitoes.
For people residing in those regions it becomes extremely important to have spray cans handy at least during summer and monsoons.
Keep in mind that malaria is still the third leading cause of deaths amongst children. That is why prevention becomes more important than cure when it comes to.
From using mosquito nets for windows to applying mosquito repellent, check out some of the proven ways to keep mosquitoes at bay and prevent mosquito bites:

Mosquito mesh for windows

Let us start with safety and prevention at a home level. Mosquito mesh for windows are the simplest, affordable and environment friendly option that you can opt for.
After installation you need not worry about taking care of the nets for at least 10 years! Yes, you read that right. They last longer than you'd think and also improve the aesthetic of your home.
can be customized as per the measurements of your window frames. Measure the frames in your house properly before placing your order.

Clear out water logging

Water logged spaces are the ultimate breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This is why medical practitioners always suggest keeping the water logged spaces clean both indoors and outdoors.
Look out for pots, holes in the ground or bird baths that maybe collect rainwater outside your house.
You can use Bacillus thuringiensis which is a naturally occurring bacteria used for mosquitoes and other insects.

Apply mosquito repellent

Some of the most effective and best mosquito repellents available in the market contains DEET, PMD or IR3535.
These are essentially insecticides that are safe to be used on the human body only if they are used in a regulated amount.
This is why it is suggested to you mosquito repellents as per the instructions presented on the can. According to Jonathan Day who is a renowned mosquito researcher, the usage of mosquito repellents should be restricted to ankles, feet, lower legs and arms.

Put on light coloured clothing

Bugs and insects are especially attracted to darker clothing materials such as red and blue. These colours especially stand out for the insects.
Hence, the best course of action to prevent mosquito bites outdoors would be to put on light colored clothing as often as possible.
Since summer is the prime breeding time for mosquitoes in the tropical areas, wearing light coloured clothing will not only provide relief in the sun but also prevent mosquitoes and other insects.

Replace your CFLs

Insects and bugs are especially attracted towards the bright CFLs. This is why replacing the bright CFLs with more yellowish toned lights can prove to be highly effective.
We are only suggesting this option for the outdoors of your home. The lesser insects are attracted to the outskirts of your house the lesser chances there are of them entering your home.
If you are especially opposed to the idea of installing yellow lights outside your home, you can opt for warmer tones of white or even softer yellow tones.

Remain indoors before dusk and after dawn

Research scientists have proven that the dengue causing Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are highly active just before dusk.
Similarly, the malaria causing female anopheles mosquito are prevenlant right around the time of dawn.
If you would like to stay extra cautious of the fever causing mosquitoes you can avoid stepping out during these times of the day.
It does seem unrealistic if you are students or working adults but if you have to step out of your house make sure to apply ample amounts of mosquito repellent before heading out.

Final thoughts

Getting bitten by mosquitoes is an extremely inevitable subject, but that does not mean that you cannot prepare yourself by taking preventative measures.
We would suggest that installing mosquito nets for windows would be the best course of action if you would like to save your family from infiltration of the mosquitoes.
Other than that there are DEET based mosquito repellents that work like a charm for all skin types. If you are someone who is constantly prone to allergies we would recommend consulting an expert first before investing in mosquito repellents.

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