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Subtraction Game

15 minute group meeting to surface paperwork, processes, meetings and other sources of organizational inertia and frustration to eliminate. Read about Subtraction by Bob Sutton in the

1 Minute: Kickoff

Introduce the process for the meeting to attendees. Open this Doc in the and click Collaborate for all edit. Use the for tracking time or Coda’s /timer command within this agenda.

3 Minutes: Solo brainstorming

Think about how your business operates. What was once useful but is now in the way? What is adding needless friction? What is scattering your attention?
Develop a list of things that you wish you could get rid of – go for quantity. Create a new page for yourself to write these down.

5 Minutes: Group ideation

Add ideas from your list by clicking the button. Upvote and Downvote on ideas. If a small group, vocalize and discuss ideas while voting occurs. If a larger group, consider this a silent exercise.
Add a subtraction target idea
Subtraction Targets
Ross Mayfield
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3 Minutes: Breakout Rooms

In breakout rooms, share your subtraction targets. Discuss what should be the top targets
With the , use the Speed Networking template. Set the breakout room size to 1:1, 3 people, 4 people or 5 people depending upon group size. If larger group sizes consider increasing the duration. Start the matchmaking.

3 Minutes: Share Out

Call on one participant from each breakout room to share the top target discussed with the larger group.

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