Christian Financial Resources + Rooted Software MSP Renewal Contract

1. Introduction

This Statement of Work (SOW) outlines the scope of services to be provided by Rooted Software, hereinafter referred to as the “Rooted” to Christian Financial Resources. The purpose of this agreement is to define the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties in the provision of managed IT services.

2. Scope of Services

2.1 Service Desk Management

Rooted will establish and manage a centralized Service Desk to serve as the primary point of contact for all IT-related issues and requests. This includes:
Helpdesk support for end-users
User account management and access control
End-user remote troubleshooting and problem resolution
Incident and request ticket logging, tracking, and resolution
Asset Management
Hardware provisioning/onboarding and Deprovisioning
Patch management and software updates
Software license acquisition and management
Remote Machine Monitoring
Remote Machine Wiping
Hardware and software inventory reporting
Hardware obsolescence planning
M365 architecture maintenance
Asset Protection
Antivirus protection with Sentinel One AV
Data Loss Prevention with Acronis Data Protection Solutions
Downtime/outage resolution and reporting
Additional Services
Quarterly in-person business reviews (if desired by the customer; subject to travel and schedule availabilities of both Rooted Software and CFR).
Access to 1 hour per month of CIO consultation
Technical training upon request
Regular reporting on service desk performance and trends

2.2 Network Management

Rooted will be responsible for ongoing management of the Christian Financial Resources network infrastructure. This includes:
Network monitoring for performance, security, and availability
identification and resolution of network outages and issues
Network hardware obsolesce planning and consultation
Network architecture planning and consultation
Configuration management and optimization of network devices
Implementation of security measures, including firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems

2.3 Infrastructure Management

Rooted will oversee the management and maintenance of Christian Financial Resources IT infrastructure, covering:
Server administration and optimization
Virtualization management
Storage solutions management
Backup and disaster recovery planning and execution
Patch management and software updates
Hardware and software asset management
Implement a systematic approach to manage the lifecycle of IT assets
Plan for timely upgrades and replacements to ensure optimal performance
Implement a systematic approach to manage the lifecycle of IT assets
Plan for timely upgrades and replacements to ensure optimal performance

2.4 Communication

Rooted will establish and maintain clear communication channels with the Christian Financial Resources, including regular meetings to discuss service performance, upcoming changes, and strategic planning.

2.5 SLA and General Information

Planned Support SLA
Response time: one (1) business day
Resolution time: five (5) business days
Unplanned Support SLA
High Priority
Response time: one (1) business hour
Resolution time: two (2) business days
Normal Priority
Response time: four (4) business day
Resolution time: five (5) business days
SLA Hold Events: throughout the lifecycle of a request, there are events that will cause the SLA timer to pause when the advancement of the request is outside of Rooted Software’s direct control. Examples of events that will pause the SLA are included below.
Technician has responded to a request and must await a response from the requester before proceeding
Technician has ordered equipment and is awaiting delivery
Technician has defined the incident as being related to a 3rd-party and has escalated the request to the 3rd-party for resolution.
General hours of support: Monday-Friday, 6am-5pm MST
Ways to submit a ticket:
Call dispatch (785) 347-9300
Complete our ticketing form

3. Reporting

Rooted will provide regular reports to the Client, including but not limited to:
Service Desk performance metrics
First Contact Resolution (FCR)
FCR measures the percentage of customer issues or inquiries that are successfully resolved during the initial interaction with a support or service channel.
Resolution Time
Shows the duration it takes to fully address and resolve a particular issue or request, typically measured from the time the problem is reported or the request is initiated until the moment it is successfully resolved or completed.
Response Time
Shows the duration between the initiation of a request or query and the beginning of the system's or service provider's reply or action
Ticket Volume
Shows the total number of service requests, inquiries, or issues raised and recorded
Ticket Backlog
Shows the accumulation of unresolved service requests or issues that have not been addressed within the expected or desired time.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance
Shows the extent to which a service provider meets the predefined performance and service quality standards outlined in the SLA agreed upon with the customer.
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
Gauges the overall satisfaction of customers with a product, service, or interaction based on their responses to a satisfaction survey.
User Survey Results
Provides feedback and insights gathered from a survey conducted among users to assess their opinions, experiences, and satisfaction with a product, service, or experience.
Network health
Network Traffic Analysis Report
Patch Management Report
Recommendations for continuous improvement

4. Fee Structure

Unit Cost
Total Cost
User Support (per month)*
New User Onboarding (one-time charge)
Acronis Backup Solution
Charged as authorized in arrears
Other Licenses
Charged as authorized in arrears
There are no rows in this table
Licenses included in the per user support price are: -Ninja + S1 -LastPass -MS365 E5 user licenses

5. Contract Terms and Conditions

5.1 Excluded Services

The following items are specific services or features that are not provided or covered within this particular service agreement.
Performing any service on personal computers.
Third-Party Integration: Integration with third-party applications or services not explicitly agreed upon in the service contract.
Hardware Maintenance: Physical maintenance or repair of hardware components unless explicitly included in the service agreement.
Data Migration: Transferring or migrating data to new systems or platforms unless specified as part of the service scope.
Training Services: Providing training for end-users or additional personnel unless it is explicitly outlined in the service agreement.
Emergency Support: Immediate or after-hours support may be excluded or subject to additional fees unless stated otherwise.
Software Licensing: The cost and management of software licenses, which may be the responsibility of the client.
Consultation Services: Strategic or advisory consultations beyond the defined scope of the service agreement.
Physical Security Measures: Implementation or maintenance of physical security measures, such as surveillance systems or access control systems.
Network Infrastructure Upgrades: Upgrading or expanding the client's network infrastructure beyond what is initially agreed upon.

5.2 Duration of Support

The technical support services outlined in this SOW will be provided on an ongoing basis for the duration of the agreement between Christian Financial Resources and Rooted Software.
This agreement is valid from 1/1/2024 to 6/30/2024

5.3 Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions governing this engagement, including service levels, response times, and any additional charges, are outlined

6. Billing Terms

Estimated Monthly Cost Starting 1/1/24


All invoices are net 15 terms from the date sent.

7. Acceptance

If you accept the agreement summary, scope, pay schedule, and terms as listed above, please use the e- signature function below to proceed. Please reach out to Ben Armstrong ( with any questions or concerns.

Customer Representative Name & Title

Customer Representative Signature

Rooted Software Representative Name & Title

Rooted Software Representative Signature

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