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🏠 Lobby is about hanging out.

Lobby is about hanging out. It’s an app where you hang out online with your friends while listening to music, watching videos, and just voice chatting all the way through.
Remember that lounge area on every floor of every college dorm building, where people are always chilling for hours? That’s Lobby.

🔥 How is Lobby doing

We launched Lobby a few months ago.
People have hanged out for over a billion minutes on Lobby.
We just completed our Series B.
Lobby is constantly among Top 30 social apps on the app store.
Lobby has been adding 3rd party integrations to facilitate smoother hangouts, including a partnership with Soundcloud where people can listen to soundcloud together on Lobby.

🦄 What Lobby will be

Hundreds of millions of people will hang out on Lobby every day, listening to music with their friends, watching videos, playing games, and just stay together wherever they are.

🤫 Why Lobby needs you

We spent so much (like all) of our energy on making product that we neglected telling our story on social media. We wanna fix that.
We want to bring on people who are already creating content because they just love the process of it. We wanna see your personal TikTok page, your personal Youtube channel. Your Instagram page. If you love it, you should’ve already been doing it.

👩🏻‍🚀 What you’ll do

Really, really think about what the strategy for our storytelling is.
Take over our TikTok page
Take over our Youtube channel
Take over our Instagram page
Create content to (1) convert new users, and (2) build the lobby brand.
Run social media campaigns through ads and influencers

🏋🏽‍♀️ What we expect from all Lobby team members

You give a shit

You have given a shit about things you did in the past. There is at least one project you did in the past that you were absolutely obsessed about.
You’re NOT a homework boi. Homework bois only do their homework. They don’t think about the bigger why. They don’t keep thinking what more they could do.

You love the process of building new things

You love the process of building new things, not just when everything is going great, but most importantly when nothing seems to be working yet.
You are NOT a career planner. Your goal is not to climb the corporate ladder. Your goal is to build something GREAT.

You love entertainment stuff

You love fun stuff. You love talking shit with friends. You love music. You love memes. You are not all serious.
You are not stiff person who only cares about charts, numbers, “strategy”, “analysis”.

🌎 Who’s behind Lobby?

We believe people derive value from subjective experiences rather than objective truths.
We believe creating stuff is noble. We are a team of creators.
We wanna create things that make people happy.
We speak English. We don’t speak corporate BS.
We are a global company with team members in 4 countries.

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