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how to count
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Under 5
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Lesson Plan: Counting for Under 5 Year Olds


This lesson plan is designed to teach counting to under 5 year old students in an interactive and engaging way. The lesson is broken into equal segments and spans 5 hours.

Materials Needed

Counting books
Counting toys (blocks, beads, etc.)
Whiteboard and markers
Music player and kid-friendly songs
Snacks and drinks

Lesson Plan

Hour 1: Introduction to Counting

Gather the students in a circle and introduce yourself
Show the students a counting book and read it aloud
Use counting toys to demonstrate counting from 1 to 5
Play a counting song and have the students sing along while counting

Hour 2: Counting Objects

Show the students a group of objects (e.g. blocks) and count them together
Have the students count the objects on their own
Use the whiteboard to write down the numbers as they count

Hour 3: Counting Games

Play a counting game with the students (e.g. “I Spy” with numbers)
Use the counting toys to play a game of "Count and Sort”
Sing a counting song and have the students dance along while counting

Hour 4: Counting Practice

Have the students practice counting on their own with the counting toys and books
Use the whiteboard to write down numbers as the students count
Play a counting song and have the students sing and count along

Hour 5: Counting Assessment

Have the students count a group of objects on their own and write down the number
Play a counting game and have the students practice counting in a fun way
Review the numbers with the students and give them positive feedback on their progress


This lesson plan provides an interactive and engaging way for under 5 year old students to learn how to count. By using counting toys, books, and games, the students will have fun while learning this important skill.

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