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FABE OBE Spreadsheet
FABE OBE Spreadsheet Guide

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Spreadsheet v 12

This is a collection of video on how to use FABE OBE Spreadsheet 11.2

Step 1: Get a copy

Naming the File

In order to gain further benefit of the spreadsheet, naming it properly will help us to manage and get the data from it for further analysis by the Head of Program (HOP).

Sharing the file with HOP

It is important to share the file with your HOP or anyone that you think should have certain level of access to the document.

Step 2: Understanding the Spreadsheet

Understanding Interface, spreadsheet use and menu.


There is a need to provide an authorization since the spreadsheet is using Google Apps Script to automate some of the process.

Step 3: OBE Custom Menu

There is an OBE Custom menu that specifically written for this spreadsheet.
There might be important to understand the concept of how these were arranged.

Step 4: Subject Info

Subject Info submenu consists of a few tabs
Info (this tab appears in all submenu because the main buttons are here)
PLO List

Set up the Subject Information

Managing the student list

Step 5: Delivery Plan

Delivery Plan submenu consists of a few tabs;
most of this tabs is useful in planning the Teaching and Learning (TnL) as well as reporting the TnL process.
Attendance Mail

Planning the Delivery

Managing the Attendance

Step 6: Assessment Plan

Assessment Plan submenu consists of a few tabs;
most of these tabs are related with Table of Specification (ToS)
ToS Exam
ToS Coursework
ToS Analysis
ToS Analysis Chart

IMPORTANT: Working with the Table of Specifications and ToS Charts

Step 7: Mark Entry and Result

Mark Entry and Result submenu consists of a few tabs
Mark Entry Exam
Mark Entry Coursework
PLO Analysis
CLO Analysis

Info: Student List

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