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Coda Analyzer

Do you have a complex doc that needs sorting out? Look no further!

Make a purchase and place an order to get a visualization of the interaction between all columns in your doc


DALL·E 2023-05-17 13.45.00 - a single token lying on the table with a very clean white background.png
One Doc Analysis
DALL·E 2023-05-17 13.45.39.png
Five Doc Analyses
DALL·E 2023-05-17 13.45.06 - thirty tokens lying on the table with a very clean white background.png
Thirty Doc Analyses

Create a row below for every doc you want to analyze

Option without entering tokens in the order
You can leave the tokens blank when placing the order
Write a message, in the next step, that you’d like to book an appointment with me to do it live together
In the appointment I will share my screen for full transparency and be available over voice
You will send me token(s) which I will use to call all the necessary endpoints
When each token is done I will ask you to delete it
I offer this service with no extra charge
Docs to Analyze
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Continue with your order for 1 doc


How do I receive the images?
Once you've made a purchase and placed an order, the images will be sent to the email connected to your Coda account that you used during the order placement - Currently signed in with:
[ ]
Do I have to use all purchased analyses at once?
Not at all! You can place multiple orders without any restrictions. Simply ensure that you have sufficient purchased analyses associated with your Coda email
How do I get the token?
Access your account settings by visiting
Navigate to the API SETTINGS section by scrolling down
Click Generate API token
Give it any name
Optional restriction (Expand this row)
Click Add a restriction
Change Type of access to Read only
Specify the URL of your Doc in the last input field, following the example format:
Ensure that the URL contains the correct number of slashes to avoid unintentional restrictions to a single table
Click Generate API token
Retrieve the generated API token by clicking the Copy token link that appears
Where’d you get the coin images?
They’re generated by !
Why not make a pack for this?
The graphing tool () used does not currently provide an API. Alternatively, it could be accomplished using a different tool like mermaid. However, mermaid lacks the capability of creating the interconnected class diagrams, which perfectly align with Coda tables architecture
I also have bigger plans for this project, plans which require more functionality than packs can provide!
How can I contact you?
Feel free to reach out to me on the forums:
Can you just analyze every single doc I have?
Sure! Just ask for that when placing the order and supply a token without restrictions
What data will be visible?
Only the table names, column names, and column types will be in the images

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.