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A message to future Product Managers and Founders

Hi there,
My name is and over the past 9 years, I’ve been blessed to progress in my career as a Product Manager alongside teams within digital agencies, startups and companies such as Disney, Google, Johnson & Johnson and others.
Several months ago (before COVID-19), I had the pleasure of being a featured speaker on Product School and words can’t express how truly fulfilling it was to offer my lessons learned to existing and aspiring product managers. You can watch that webinar below.
A few people messaged me after the talk with tons of questions so I decided to host a product manager mentorship group call. To my suprise, it resulted in the attendance of over 100 people from 33 different countries around the world.
On that 90 minute call, I shared advice (based on my own experience) on how to more accurately and quickly progress forward towards one’s desired career destination, depending on where they were in their product manager journey.
These focus areas included....
Stage 1 - Self Discovery: How to uncover your origin story in order to gain clarity about your future life
Stage 2 - Getting in the door: How to build up your social capital and land more opportunities
Stage 3 - Jump starting: How to focus your energy in order to outsmart product failure
Stage 4 - Leaving an impact: How to rise up as leader and inspire your product teams to succeed
BONUS - Owning your path: How to use your PM skills to become a Founder and build profitable businesses on the side (or full-time).
The outpour of positive feedback from those that attended was incredible. I experienced a deep feeling of fulfillment when I heard that the insights I shared proved to be very valuable and inspirational.
With all of this being said, I have decided to host another mentorship group call so that more people can leverage this time of “staying at home” to grow and advance themselves towards their desired dreams.
My goal with the group call is to provide you with answers, action steps, templates, lists, and other resources that have worked for me so that you save time and feel more confident with your journey.
If you’re interested in joining my upcoming Mentorship Group Call to ask questions related to product management, start-ups, entrepreneurship or anything else, then follow these steps to continue:
1. Connect with me on
2. Fill out the pre-assessment form below to help me understand your current state and future state of mind
3. After you fill out the form, you’ll receive an invite email with time slots you can choose from. Reserve your spot and add it your calendar
If you’re a little skeptical of me and everything I just shared, then I don’t blame you. I understand. Hopefully this will help show you I’m committed to helping out.
Anyways, feel free to respond with anything that’s on your mind. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care,

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