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Hey bud, bit of info that may be helpful. Obv, get in touch, anytime..

🏡 Home stuff

🥗 Food / drink

obv help yourself to anything in cupboards, fridge, freezer etc

🖥 WiFi

generally doesn’t extend well round apartment, so, different networks..
Living Room: EliseNet - 2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz
Office Room/Kitchen: EliseNet - PainCave
Bedroom: EliseNet - Bedroom
Password: elise111r
out and about
Flootes - can almost get home networks, though usually use Lochfyne’s ‘The Cloud’
Black Horse / The Woburn have free wifi

💻 Desk

obv use double monitors if you need them (you can let me know which connections you need, i can see if i have leads)

📺 TV / Remotes

smaller remote for TV, channels, smart TV etc
sound through home cinema, use volume on larger remote
home cinema usually switches on when turning TV on. If not, just switch home cinema on with large remote, make sure it’s on ‘Optical’ for input

🚪 Doors

generally go in and out kitchen door, locking with key when leaving, then bolting at night from inside. Don’t think Mika knows about other inside entrance!
obv use which you prefer (if you go out via inside stairs, you can get locked out if forget keys!).

🗑 Bins

kitchen bins: right is whatever, left is recycling, if you’re in to that.
bin bags in third drawer down
Wheelie bins
there’s wheelie bin collection early Mondays, goes out on path, Sunday eve
green recycling wheelie is under black metal stairs
black wheelie is on left of car park as you come out apartment
(if you remember to put green bin out this Sunday eve (26) be handy, as quite full, no drama if not)

📆 29th June

think Ma & Pa will stay, to give Ma bit more confidence with Mika.
they got king sheet and duvet, so can change that when stay and put back when leave
if you need them:
Ma (Sylvia): 07713 254425
Pa (Dave): 07707 975376

🧺 Washing / Dishwasher

tablets / capsules under kitchen sink
generally use ‘Rapid’: turn on, press ‘P’ to cycle to Rapid, then start

🐶 Mika stuff

registered to Greensand vets, Woburn Sands, if you need them (01908 282101)
generally won’t poo/pee on pavement, tries to wait to grassy areas
bits and pieces (lead, treats poo bags etc) in cupboard above microwave

🕘 Rough routine

something like below, she might start whining a bit at certain times she expects something, though generally quietens down after a while. Obv, do what works for you..
Morning walk (15 mins-ish, toilet etc)
Meal 1
Longer walk (30-45 mins)
Maybe dental stick treat (sometimes cut in half, put in Kong)
5-6ish: Meal 2
7ish: Evening walk (15 mins-ish, toilet etc)
green area over by Woburn, quick pee-stop
usually give her literally a couple of treats from packets in cupboard on orange treat mat

🦴 Food

huge clear container of food in cupboard under toaster
3 scoops for each meal

🦮 Walks

towels/cloths - by micro
generally use red 3m lead, letting her go a bit in grassy bits, closer in street bits, sure you know more than me! Seems to be walking pretty well recently
dogs - kind of trying to keep apart. Sometimes she’s chill, sometimes a little excited/noisy/pully
people - occasionally let people stroke, if they want, encouraging her to sit first to get rid of jumping!

👋🏾 Going out / returning

still howling a bit, tend to keep exit/return pretty low key, either ignore or chill hello
usually leave her with free roam of apartment while out, seems to get less stressed

😴 Sleep

seems to like the blue cooling mat, sometimes move that to bedroom at night or around during day if she’s following
generally, she been sleeping right through night, waits for you to wake
feel free to close her in kitchen for a while if you need a break, she usually settles
the big bedroom blind has velcro bits on the back to try seal out a bit of light, so may stick a bit when you open it, just pull it away a bit as you do!

🗺 Routes

there’s a free app, called Komoot, has maps, routing etc. I created a few routes you can try:
usual pee route:
often do this at lunch:
or just up through trees to pond area or bit beyond:

💄 Grooming

they recommended daily brush, sometimes she tolerates (while sleeping!), other times walks away. No worries either way, can give good brush when back
grooming stuff is in little Amazon cardboard box, near TV remotes

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