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Show notes
Question / Topic Intro
1. Intro
Show intro
Introduce the main purpose of the show and the topics we’ll cover
A bit about us
An overview of eSports
Personal intros
We should kick off with a brief introduction of who we are..
Background: e.g. where we live
Cycling history
How we got involved in Castelli and our current roles
How's life
How’s life with you, much happening?
Weather? Home life?
How we met
And a bit about how we crossed paths...
Close friends, met twice
Maratona 20?? and 2022
What is eSports
Overview of eSports/eCycling
What is eCycling (various platforms, Zwift, Wahoo, Rouvy, Bkool, also Strava blurring lines between IRL and digital)
Virtual worlds, fictional or recreated from real-world (r hybrid)
Options: solo/group, free-riding, racing, workouts, social rides
Explosion in popularity during the Covid lockdowns
Pros using them as a serious training tool
Strava (challenges, segments, goals etc)
2. Zwift
What is it
Being fully aware that many of our listeners may not be involved with eSports, let’s talk a bit about what it is
What Zwift is
Links in episode description with getting started tips
Who it’s for
Who is it for?
Anybody looking to increase fitness and become part of a friendly online cycling community
Friendships that have formed from virtual to IRL (as well as IRL to virtual)
What is needed
What kind of equipment do we need to get started? What’s the simplest way to get started? What’s the cheapest way to get started
Indoor trainer
Hardware to play the software (computer, tablet, phone, AppleTV
The race at the weekend
What about the race format? Winners, any surprises? What do we think to the Scotland world?
3. Castelli on Zwift
How did Castelli develop a presence on Zwift?
How did we get here
How did the community and rides evolve from there?
Zwift community, regulars, club
Numbers per week / month
Direct engagement with Castelli fans and customers
Ride schedule
What's our general ride schedule each week?
Workout series
Who are we
Who is the leadership team made-up of?
Any special features of our rides worth mentioning?
Pro triathletes
Pro riders (have we had any?)
Do we have Castelli assets in game? How does it link with real life?
Details of current kits and IRL models
Pink kit crossover (Zwift, Wahoo → real-life)
Upcoming events
Fondo event with prize: Maratona entry
late March, 3 routes
4. Other stuff
Wahoo RGT
We should touch on other eCycling options, do we have a presence anywhere else?
Two new weekly rides launched on the Wahoo RGT platform
Castelli Insider gear
Are Castelli providing solutions for those looking for inside specific gear?
Shorts / pad
Accessories (towel, sweatbands)
Strava club
Any other community presence online
Purpose (posts, events)
Member numbers
Strava Challenges
Form of eSports blurring real life with digital gamification
Past challenges / prizes
Upcoming LBL challenge
Thanks for listening
Welcome feedback

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