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Castelli x Zwift

With indoor cycling technology evolving rapidly in recent years, we have seen a shift in how we train, especially during the colder months. In the past few years, indoor cycle trainer sales have exploded, as well as the number of cycling training platforms emerging, such as . We have embraced this changing environment despite Castelli's traditional role as an outdoor cycling apparel brand.
Though there will always be a group of diehard, ‘’ outdoor cyclists, the trend of regular indoor training cannot be ignored. It's difficult to argue with the 'bang for your buck' when it comes to training time and accuracy with indoor workouts or races.
With the aim of providing the greatest comfort during indoor training, Castelli has developed , a range specifically for indoor use. The jersey and bib shorts combo are designed for maximum breathability:
In addition to introducing an indoor-specific Castelli kit, we have stepped up our support for the indoor cycling world by introducing a series of rides on the eCycling platform, Zwift. Initially, these rides began as a single weekly ride known as the 'Rosso Corsa Ride' in 2018. This has now expanded into a series of three rides each week known as 'Roll with Castelli'.
Additionally, the leadership team has grown with leaders in the US, UK, Norway, Japan, and Spain as well as a dedicated Women's leadership team and ride based in the US.
All rides are at a moderate social pace (2.5-3w/kg), themes varying week to week. The monthly Epic Ride is a particular highlight, where we give away some Castelli gear to one lucky winner.
castelli_4x5 copy.jpg
Four in-game kits are currently available, all based on real-life Castelli lines, and they are unlocked by completing a Roll with Castelli ride.
We are delighted to also welcome various guest leaders from the world of professional cycling and triathlon from time to time.
* Roll with Castelli - Tuesdays @ 1025 PST / 1325 EST / 1825 GMT / 1925 CET
* Roll with Castelli Women - Tuesdays @ 1700 PST / 2000 EST
* Roll with Castelli - Thursdays @ 700 EST / 1200 GMT / 1300 CET / 2100 JST
Castelli also organises special events such as Giro di Castelli and ' featuring former NBA superstar, Reggie Miller, which promotes awareness for social justice.
Whether you're a long-time Zwift user or an aspiring beginner, we would love to have you Roll with Castelli.
You can sign up for our upcoming events here:

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