Employees Tab Stories

1. User views the employees tab

When a user enters some role’s employees tab, they shall be presented with a list of cards corresponding to the employees whose role is the viewed role
or one of its sub-roles
(depending on how the list is filtered—see story 2 below). Each employee card shall include the following information:
The employee’s name.
If the employee has completed assessment
The number of skills they possess (at any proficiency level).
The number of transitions
that may match them.
Their current role fit score
If the employee hasn’t completed assessment—its current status: either ‘hasn’t started’ or ‘in progress’.
If the employee’s role is a sub-role of the viewed role, an indication that this is the case (see story 15).
To be implemented as part of a future feature.

2. User filters employees by name

3. User filters employees by skills

4. User filters employees by assessment progression

5. User filters employees by current role fit

6. User filters employees by whether they’re associated with sub-roles

7. User sorts employees

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