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RescueTime Timesheets AI (beta) - Guide

How Timesheets AI Works

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Video Transcript:

This video will help you get started with Timesheets AI, RescueTime’s new way to automatically track projects and create timesheets.

Let’s take a look at the Timesheets AI page. If you’re brand new to RescueTime, you won’t see any activities on your timeline. If you’re already a RescueTime user, your timeline will show your activities.

Begin by clicking the New Project button. Name your project and choose a color with the color wheel. Next, add hints to help the app know which activities belong to which projects. Hints should be keywords like file names, or apps you always use for a particular project—something unique to that particular project.

Continue using the New Project button until you’ve added all of your current projects.

If you’re a new user, you won’t see any project time on the timeline yet, but keep watching to learn how it works. And at the end of your workday, come back to the Timesheets page and try it yourself!

There are several ways to add activities to a project.

Click and drag a project on the left onto the timeline on the right. Use the handles on a time block to extend or reduce the time. The total time for each project will automatically update under the project name on the left.

Clicking on an empty area of the timeline will open a model and let you assign the time to a project.

Or refresh the page to allow the AI to assign your activities to each project. This can take up to two minutes, and when the process is complete, you’ll be asked to approve the projects on your timeline. You can choose to approve the entire timeline or click and approve each time block individually.

Did you approve of something that wasn’t quite right? Don’t worry, time blocks can be edited even after approval.

Click on a time block and choose “edit details”. You’ll see your activities for that block broken down into five-minute increments. Any five-minute “bucket” can be reassigned to a different project.

To delete a time block entirely, click on the block and choose “delete time”.

You can download a week of project activity by clicking the links under your list of projects. Choose from CSV or Excel format.

After you complete a project, it can be archived. Click the three dots in a project block and choose “archive project”. The data for an archived project will still be available if you need it in the future.
Finally, open your RescueTime product settings to set the time when you’d like to be reminded to complete your timesheets. Opt for either the end of your workday or the morning of the following day. That’s it—no more manually timing your work, or scrambling to record what you did at the end of the week!

And please don’t hesitate to use the feedback button on the Timesheet page to send us your comments and suggestions. Your input plays an important role as we continue to improve and refine Timesheets AI.

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