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PageAnalytics(account, pageUrl, startdate, endDate, facetByQuery, facetByCountry, facetByDevice, filterByQuery, minimumImpressions, exactQueryMatch, invertQueryResults)
Returns analytics about the given page over the specified time period
accountThe Google Search Console account used to pull in this data.pageUrlURL of the page to return data for
startdateDate to start fetching data for (defaults to seven days ago)endDateDate to end fetching data for (defaults to today)facetByQueryTrue if the results should be faceted by queryfacetByCountryTrue if the results should be faceted by countryfacetByDeviceTrue if the results should be faceted by device typefilterByQueryIf specified, returns only page results that contain the given queryminimumImpressionsIf specified, filters groups that do not meet the minimum impression count. Defaults to 50.exactQueryMatchTrue if results should only include exact query matchesinvertQueryResultsTrue if results should not include the given query

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