Dropshipping essentials
Stock photos/videos
Shopify Theme
Printful customers -
Printful reviews/considerations
Handing returns
Found average return rate about 30% - though Nicolai said 20% is the highest he has gotten on "crap" drop-ship products and normal was more like 5-10%. /
<— one of the comments here mention 1 refund out of 700 orders!
Advertising / Marketing
When searching for ideas for a piece of content that would resonate with our target audience, the first thing we did was head over to – a site that enables you to search for relevant content using keywords, and then presents you with the most popular content based on social shares.
Average order size/value
- (Interestingly, the study found the average cart size to be 1.74 products per order)
Dropshipping / Fulfillment
Inspiration / Competition
(artist webshops)
Artist merchandise
Art licensing / royalties

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