Ren Butler Career Highlights



Collaborative Mentorship
Ren Butler has exemplified the essence of Collaborative Mentorship through her significant contributions to the mentorship of over 400 students and startup founders, nurturing a culture of shared growth and learning. Her active involvement in various accelerator programs, including the SheStarts accelerator, demonstrates her commitment to hands-on mentorship that encourages networking and peer learning, fostering an environment where collaborative growth thrives.

Interdisciplinary Education Program Design
Ren's prowess in Interdisciplinary Education Program Design is evident in her innovative approach to educational initiatives. She has skillfully designed and delivered more than 20 Startup Validation Workshops, blending business acumen with scientific insight, and was instrumental in developing the StartupU Pre-accelerator, an online learning platform for budding entrepreneurs. Her directorial roles in educational programs at institutions like VU, Swinburne, and CEA highlight her ability to weave interdisciplinary methodologies into educational frameworks, effectively preparing students for the multifaceted challenges of the modern world.
Science & Technology Communication
In the realm of Science & Technology Communication, Ren has been a formidable advocate for making science and technology accessible and understandable to the public. Her role in demystifying these fields has significantly enhanced public engagement and understanding. As a prominent figure in Blockchain Australia's Blockchain Week and as a keynote speaker at the Emerging Innovation Summit 2019, where she also led a blockchain workshop for water rights, Ren has effectively communicated complex scientific and technological concepts, making them approachable and relevant to diverse audiences.

Examples of Leadership Skills

Examples of Decisive and Creative Leadership Launching WeWork Labs Melbourne & Working Group Lead for the redesign of the digital platform working group in 2020/2021 Designed and ran the first Australian RedCross Hackathon Designed & deployed StartupU online pre-accelerator learning program Designed & ran the internal validation workshops for pre-launch startups around 3 major cities across Australia

Three Key Achievements

StartupU Pre-Accelerator [Online Learning]
Created and produced StartupU pre-accelerator online learning program.

WeWork Labs Melbourne & Re-Design of Digital Upgrade in 2020
Launched and led the digital redesign of WeWork Labs in Australia and Pacific region

Entrepreneurship Education
Lectures and mentor for many university entrepreneurship programs around Australia (QUT Collider, Wade School of Entrepreneurship, MAP, etc.)



Strategic Vision
Ren possesses an exceptional ability to chart a course for the future, integrating innovation with pragmatic analysis. Her strategic foresight is not only about predicting trends but proactively shaping them. Ren's leadership style fosters an environment where team members are encouraged to think beyond conventional boundaries, translating cutting-edge ideas into viable business solutions that stay ahead of the market.

Empowering Communication
Communication is the cornerstone of Ren's leadership, epitomized by her transparent and inclusive approach. She believes in empowering her team through open dialogue and constructive feedback, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. This creates a culture of trust and collaboration, where team members are motivated to take initiative and contribute to the collective success.

Adaptability and Resilience
In a rapidly changing business landscape, Ren has consistently demonstrated the ability to adapt and thrive. Her resilience amidst challenges serves as a beacon for her team, inspiring them to pivot effectively in response to new information or shifting market dynamics. Her tenacity and flexibility not only reinforce the organization's resilience but also drive continuous improvement and innovation.

Examples of Leadership Skills

Navigating Market Disruptions: During the height of market uncertainty caused by global events, Ren adeptly steered the organization through a pivotal transformation. By decisively reallocating resources to emerging sectors and adopting creative marketing strategies, she not only safeguarded the company's market position but significantly expanded its customer base, demonstrating leadership that was both courageous and ingenious.

Launch of Breakthrough Product: Ren's foresight was instrumental in the research and development of a breakthrough product that has since become a flagship offering. Her ability to lead cross-functional teams, aligning diverse talents and skills around a common goal, resulted in a product that not only met but surpassed market expectations, showcasing her creative problem-solving and leadership skills.

Three Key Achievements

Business Education for
Scaling & Commercializing IP Companies
In her role at BDO Australia, Ren has been instrumental in developing and managing services for startups, including growth advisory services and executing business growth strategies. This position exemplifies her expertise in supporting and fostering innovation in the technology startup ecosystem, relevant to the interests of the Internet 2.0 Conference attendees​​.

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Launch and Redesign of
WeWork Labs Platform & Programs
Ren's leadership at WeWork Labs in Australia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia involved managing and growing startup ecosystems, which is directly relevant to the interests of the conference attendees. Her role included developing startup communities, providing crucial support for growth and innovation, and creating opportunities for startups in the technology sector. This experience underscores her expertise in nurturing tech startups and fostering innovation, aligning well with the conference themes​​.
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Commercializing Tech Teaching,
Mentoring, & Events Contributions
Ren Butler has been at the forefront of teaching the application of technology and innovation concepts through her consistent speaking and mentoring roles. Organising a panel for Blockchain Week 2022, where she moderated a brilliant discussion about the need for education of applied blockchain technologies as early as possible. Her other contributions, including a keynote at the 2019 Digital Innovation Festival, Speaking at Pause Festival 2019, and mentorship at QUT's Collider accelerator, demonstrate her impactful contribution in guiding and inspiring emerging tech entrepreneurs across Australia.
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