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We wanted to extend our culture document to you!

Reggy Company Culture

Reggy is all about exploration, growth, achievement, trust and support. We love those little opportunities to make our cyclists and co-workers say "Wow!"
At Reggy we are explorers. Always trying to find uncharted territory, but knowing that we can never lose our north star of being empathetic, inclusive, and supportive of other explorers. Being an explorer means being comfortable in uncertainty. Exploring is all about charting a course so that the person who comes next doesn't have to. This applies all the way from documenting code and fixing a small detail on the user interface so the next user doesn't have to experience it, to communicating the insights we learned from our last customer service call.
Growth means having an insatiable appetite for learning. At Reggy, curiosity is celebrated. Growth means finally figuring out that problem. It means getting out of our comfort zone to try that new food. We have to be curious enough to seek out opportunities for growth for ourselves, our users, our fellow Reggys and for Reggy as a company.
We believe everyone has the innate ability to be world-class. Achievement for us means fostering that ability, creating a safe space to try new ideas, and having empathy to understand that most of those ideas will fail. We are creating a world-class company with the understanding that being world-class is crazy hard and achievement is all about the process, not the destination.
Trust and Support
Everyone at Reggy is unique and exceptional. By definition this means I trust you to do things that I can't. I trust that you have my back and I have yours. I support your ambitions and hope to inspire others to do more and go further. I trust that to explore, grow, and achieve, we have to be vulnerable enough to ask for help and strong enough to have a voice because we are all unique and exceptional in some way.

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